Women’s Bathing Suits for Your Body Types

Many women are self-conscious about how they look in bathing suits. Finding that perfect bathing suit that helps you look great on the beach can be a daunting task, but keeping a few the right styles in mind while you shop can help you pick a suit you look good in and feel comfortable wearing. Choosing the best bathing suit has a lot to do with taste. You should also choose a bathing suit that complements your best features and hides your worst. It should also give support in the right places. Knowing your body type and choosing a bathing suit to flatter it is one of the easiest things you can do to feel better about yourself at the beach.

Before you decide to buy a bathing suit, take a good look at yourself in the mirror in a bathing suit and be honest about what body type you have. Some of the most common bathing suits for body types include pear-shaped, rectangular-shaped, curvy, petite and hourglass bathing suit. Below are some explain about it.

Pear-Shaped; The first bathing suits for body types is about pear shaped bathing suit. The pear shape is sometimes called the triangular body shape. Pear-shaped women carry more weight on the bottom half of their body, which can be one or two sizes larger than their upper body. If you consider the size of your bottom half a problem, look for a swimsuit that gives you a more proportional look by using not only style, but color and pattern as well. Busy patterns draw more attention, so consider a darker, solid color for your bottom. A strapless, bandeau style top can create more volume on the top. If you’re concerned about showing too much on the bottom, choose boy shorts or a skirt.

Curvy; Curvy women who have a larger midsection will look more proportionate in a bathing suit that creates a slimming top and defined waist. Buy a one-piece suit with a halter top. Find one with tummy control panels. Wear a bathing suit with a molded cup to ensure you have proper support. Also, look for suits with skirts to flatter your fuller bottom. Have fun with the suit by wearing bright colors and patterns, while showing off your gorgeous arms and legs.

Rectangular; Rectangular-shaped women have a straight up-and-down figure, meaning their shoulders and hips are about the same size, and they don’t have a defined waist. Many different bathing suit styles work for this body shape, but the goal is to create a more defined waist. Bottoms and tops with ruffles or bows add volume and make the waist appear smaller. Tankinis or one-piece suits with belts also help define the waist.

Petite; Petite women with smaller busts can enhance their top-half with a halter bikini top. Find one that has a lightly padded top or has a seam right under the bust line. A strapless suit, or bandeau, will also give you a lift, especially when worn with a small string that ties around your neck. Triangular-shaped bikini tops will also enhance your bust and cleavage. Wear tops with added textures, such as ruffles, to add to your top’s volume.

Hour-Glass; Those with an hour-glass figure, whose upper half is well proportioned to the bottom half, will look stunning in a classic two-piece suit. Even plus-size women with hour-glass shapes can pull off a bikini. However, if you do have a fuller tummy and would like some extra coverage, find a bottom you can wear higher up your hips to cover any areas you want to hide.

The above are some bathing suits for body types. Regardless of the style you pick, remember that loud patterns and colors tend to emphasize an area. Choose solid colors when you wish to draw attention away from a body part. For example, a combination of a light, patterned top and a dark bottom will lead the eye upward, causing the waist to appear smaller. We know, perhaps bathing suit season is a scary time for many women, as they aren’t quite ready to bare it all on the beach or beside the pool. But after all, when choosing your bathing suit confidence is key, because if you feel like you look great, other people will pick up on it. Cheers!