The Best Wedding Shoes

Every girl’s wedding day is one of the most important days in her life, so she would always try to look gorgeous by every means possible. She may try to opt for the best clothing, or else may make herself beautiful with ornaments but the thing which will enhance the most, is her pair of wedding shoes. She must to know that picking the best wedding shoes is just as important: The wedding shoes must get the bride through hours and hours of wear, at the wedding, during the reception and of course, while dancing with the groom. And below are some tips for the bride about how to choose the best wedding shoes. Take a look!

The first thing that you have to consider is the comfort of the shoes. They should be able to hold you comfortably for the whole day. At this point, you should deal with people who specifically supply them for this particular event because those that do will have them come with a lot of padding. The padding will help to cushion your feet. Getting a pair from vendor or around the block just because they are cheap will make you regret later on.

The best wedding shoes are stylish and comfortable enough to hold up to the rigors of the wedding day. Though the shoes put the finishing touch on the bride’s gown and other accessories, it is important that the bride not pick shoes for their look alone. With thousands of choices to choose from, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind when selecting a shoe.

Heel height is an important consideration when choosing a bridal shoe. Shoes with a 4-inch heel might perfectly offset a long wedding gown, but wearing them for hours may cause considerable pain. Why ruin your special day worrying about how much your feet hurt? Keep in mind that the higher the heel, the more likely that the bride’s feel will hurt after standing in them for long periods of time. Some brides opt for high-heeled platforms, which tend to be more comfortable than a high heel because the base of the shoe is wider and spreads the weight of the foot more evenly. Since a bride will be on her feet for most of her wedding day, she may opt for two shoes — an elegant high heel for the ceremony and a casual, comfortable pair for the reception. Whatever her choice, it is important that the bride pick a shoe that her feet feel comfortable in.

The cost is something that people often battle with. No one would like to wear a cheap pair on this big occasion neither would they want to blow a fortune on them as well. A rule to go by with would be that you ensure that the shoes are at least twenty percent of your entire outfit. A good tip would be to go through the different catalogues available. Wedding magazines often have a lot of pairs that are sold with up to seventy percent discount. They still maintain the level of quality therefore they are reliable.

The color of the shoes will differ depending on the preferences of the couple. Most grooms will go for black or brown whereas the traditional bride will prefer the hue of white that matches their dress color. Others will prefer darker shades or brighter ones. There are those who love silver or golden shoes to match the jewelry that they have on.

The fitting is very important. This is because the pair will be worn the whole day and if you are uncomfortable it will definitely show and you will not have as much fun as you had intended on your big day. They should not be too tight neither should they be too loose. You should fit the entire ensemble together always to have a clear picture of how they look together.

The fabrics will vary with the different pairs. Brides are known to pick satin or silk for their big day. Men are known to go for the finest leather. Whatever you decide to choose, you should ensure that your wedding shoes are a spectacle. A good trick is to shop for a pair that you will be able to wear even after the big day.

These were some tips about how to choose the best wedding shoes. Wedding shoes will always help you to look good as they are available in variety of fabrics and maintain a lady like style. Choose your style and statement with wedding shoes that set you apart and create the perfect compliment to your dress. Goodluck!