Raw Denim

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, is denim that hasn’t been washed or treated at the factory. Raw denim is the pure, unaltered result of the denim-making process. The characteristics of raw denim are a dark indigo color that is uniform throughout the pant and a stiffer feel to the fabric. Over time as the jeans are worn, raw denim will fade and shape to the wearer. While raw denim does not offer the initial comfort of typical processed denim, it does allow for the wearer to essentially create denim that is unique to him.

Raw denim must be worn very often to break it in, with many people choosing to wear their raw denim every day. Typically, it takes a minimum of 6 months of daily wear to facilitate distressing the fabric. During this time, you can encourage the distressing process by engaging in physical activities while wearing the denim. Since raw denim has not been pre-washed, the indigo dye will begin to fade, and as it does it may rub off on other fabrics; for this reason, it is important to avoid wearing white fabrics or shoes, as well as avoid sitting on white furniture while wearing the raw denim. Various options are available when it comes to buying raw denim, including one-wash denim, selvage denim and sanforized or unsanforized denim. One-wash denim is raw denim that has undergone one rinse after the dying process to prevent shrinking while still retaining the fabric’s ability to be distressed naturally by the wearer. Selvage denim is raw denim created using an old-style shuttle loom. This method of making denim is more time intensive, but it does result in a tighter woven fabric that won’t fray at the edges like other denim. Meanwhile, sanforized denim is denim that has been pre-shrunk. While most denims are sanforized, some denims, like many of the popular Japanese raw denims, are unsanforized. If raw denim is unsanforized it will require soaking in hot water before it can be worn.

To care a raw denim, for the first wash, turn the jeans inside out and wash in warm or cold water with no detergent. Warmer water will emphasize any fading patterns associated with wear of your denim. Use cold water to minimize shrinkage, especially if your denim isn’t sanforized. Sanforized denim has been pretreated to reduce shrinkage. For subsequent washes, use a detergent that does not contain enzymes and wash in cold water. Always wash your raw denim separately because the pigment will transfer onto other articles of clothing. Dry the jeans either by laying them on a flat surface or by hanging them in a well-ventilated area, outside if possible. Avoid places that get direct sunlight, or if inside, that are near a radiator. If your surface is uneven, the jeans can crease and the color will take on a marbled look. Allow the jeans to dry for at least two days before wearing them. These were some information about ram denim for you. After all, raw denim is a fashion luxury preferred by denim enthusiasts because of its pure form and can be great option for daily wear.