Porkpie Hats for Men

A porkpie hat is named for its resemblance to a pork pie, that is, a meat pie of the sort common in British cuisine. It is a regular type of hat which is made from felt and sometimes straw, and the pattern resembles a “trilby hat”, but has a flat top. It has gained its name and fame because of its resemblance to an actual pork pie served on a plate. The structure is however a little altered with the crown being short along with a indentation on the circular sides of the hat. The porkpie hat can be made of various materials, including felt, velvet, and straw.

Certain subcultures are associated with the porkpie hat, notably the rude boy culture that originated in 1960s Jamaica, and ska, the type of music that grew out of it. Jazz and blues musicians and fans may also sport the style. Thelonius Monk, Lester Young, and Andre 3000 of Outkast have all been known to wear this style of hat. Musician Charles Mingus wrote a saxophone piece dedicated to the memory of Lester Young entitled “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.” It is also a common fashion accessory for anyone with a retro style, often worn with a suit or a bowling shirt.

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Today, even though men don’t wear hats as a regular part of their attire, the pork pie hats are used to give a classic touch of fashion to any outfit. There are many types of materials which are used to make these hats, and a number of brands are well-known with their signature materials like leather, felt, straw, etc. Even though you don’t use one on a regular basis, you can surely add this as one of the wardrobe essentials for men, in case you need it someday. Also, this porkpie hat has been donned by entertainers, from Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Brad Pitt to Tom Waits, Justin Timberlake, and Kate Moss. It appears the pork-pie hat has timeless appeal.