Petite Maternity Clothes

Are you petite and also pregnant? Well, you can be fashionable, petite and pregnant at the same time by wearing trendy petite maternity clothes. There are boot cut maternity jeans, twill pants, capris, smart short maternity skirts, tops, shirts, halter neck, tank and tune tops and many such attractive casual and formal wear outfits available in petite sizes too. It is noticed that there is no standard specification of petite size. Hence, most of the clothing lines have their own sizing for these clothes, and the sizes differ from one brand to another. On an average, a woman of height 160 cm and below is labeled as petite. Many manufacturers label their small-sized clothing range as petite size clothing. You can make those days when you feel queasy more bearable by looking your best, dressed in bright or soft colored clothes.

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If you want to look your best during your pregnancy, remember the following fashion tips for petite maternity clothes;  Avoid excess fabric. Avoid horizontal stripes, especially during your third trimester. Avoid over-sized bags at all costs. The baby is not yet born and you do not have baby stuff to carry around. So, use them after the birth of your baby as they give you a stouter look. Look for tops that wrap around your shape and won’t overwhelm your small frame. Boat neck tops will help emphasize your slim shoulders. Long dresses look better than the short ones. Look for monochromatic outfits to make you feel taller and slimmer. Also, it is advisable to buy black pants for the formal wear. And a pair of denims, twills and maternity pajamas can be chosen for the casual wear. A black full length evening dress will add to your height. Hence, it is a better alternative to the short dress. Jumpsuits in spandex and cotton can also be worn during this period. These suits have room around the belly area, where maximum space is required. For the jewelry, it is advisable to wear small and delicate jewelry. Scarfs accentuate the look of a woman. Therefore, they can be used as an accessory and tied loosely around the neck.

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To purchase petite maternity clothes, try on everything that you can. Because different designers and manufactures have varying specifications for sizes, it’s important to try everything on to ensure a proper fit. If you are ordering clothes online or from a catalog, make sure to get the measurements for each size and measure yourself to estimate the correct size. Find some clothes at shop at higher end stores. Department stores and places that sell quality clothing will generally have better fitting clothes for petite women. This is because higher quality clothing items tend to run more true to size and have a more consistent fit across each brand. Look through specialty catalogs and boutiques. If you’re really having trouble finding anything that fits well, it may be wise to check into stores that specialize in petite maternity clothes and small figured women. These types of stores cater to petite women and only stock clothes that come from designers who create collections exclusively for petite expectant mothers. Have your clothing altered by a tailor. Some women are extremely small or petite and will have a hard time finding anything that fits directly off of the shelf. If this applies to you, then you may want to consider taking your clothes to a tailor where they can be altered it to fit you perfectly.