Nightgowns come in many different styles and it’s often difficult to find the right type for your needs. A basic, loosely fitting nightgown constructed of soft, comfortable fabric is a simple pleasure prized by many women. There are so many styles of nightgowns for ladies. If you want to buy a nightgown, then you need to find a store that specializes in intimate apparel. Nightgowns are a popular clothing item and can be purchased almost anywhere. High end nightgowns can be purchased from famous fashion designers and less expensive styles are available in department stores. Online outlets may offer the widest range of styles and choices for different body types.

Caring your nightgown by handling it cautiously. Only wash the garment as you need to and never machine wash or dry your collectible. Here are some tips how to care your nightgowns.

  1. Fill a clean sink with warm water. Add a capful of gentle liquid detergent to the running water.
  2. Suds the water up a little with your hand.
  3. Place the nightgown gently in the sink. Do not add bleach or stain remover to the water.
  4. Allow the gown to soak for about ten minutes, then drain the water.
  5. Lay a large towel on a flat surface.
  6. Place the nightgown on the towel.
  7. Lay another towel on top of the gown.
  8. Roll the towels and nightgown up together, squeezing the water out of the fabric.
  9. Replace the towels if you need to with fresh towels to absorb more liquid.
  10. Hang the nightgown on a padded fabric hanger.
  11. Place the gown somewhere it can dry safely out of direct sunlight.
  12. Store your nightgown in a dark closet.


And here are some example pictures of nightgowns.

Eileen West Sleeveless Ballet White Cotton Night Gown – Dover

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Nicole Miller ‘Wild Animal’ Nightgown

Find at Nordstrom


Midnight by Carole Hochman ‘Made for Each Other’ Nightgown

Find at Nordstrom


Vintage Sleeveless Nightgown

Find at Freepeople