Men’s Ascot Ties

The ascot tie is a type of neckwear that can be worn as a silken scarf and necktie. An ascot tie in the men’s clothing reminds of those 50s and 60s royal men, with their royal acts at the races and casinos.  The name ascot has originated from the popular Ascot Races version of the cravat. A most spotted garb of the upper European classes back in the 16th and the 18th century. But although being a rare sight, ascot claims no less fame even today in the 20th century. Many crave to wear this hybrid version of scarf and a tie, and end up ordering the original piece of fabric by stretching their reach across the globe. Men usually wear the ascot tie with tailcoat jackets.  Ascot ties can be worn during formal events, weddings or with professional business attire, but was classically used as part of morning attire.

If you asking about how to wear an ascot tie, then here are some ways for you. But firstly, choose the fabric carefully taking into consideration how the ascot will be worn. Wear a silk ascot with a lightweight shirt. Wear a cashmere ascot with a heavy suit. Don’t match the ascot to your outfit. Spruce up the ensemble with a colorful ascot. Contrasting colors look best. If wearing a white shirt, opt for a bright bold color. If wearing a dark shirt, wear an ascot that is white or cream in color. If wearing a dull suit or jacket, pair with brightly colored neck wear. Tie the ascot in the same way as a straight tie. This is only one option. It is usually worn outside the shirt in this way. It is probably worn best like this for a dressy, but not quite formal occasion. Wear it with a sport coat and button down shirt. Wear the ascot tied in a simple knot and worn similar to a scarf. This is the most casual way to wear an ascot. It was very popular for young men in the late sixties. The ascot can be tucked into the shirt or untucked. Pair it with a crew neck sweater or button down shirt open at the neck.

For a complete look, pair it with a pair of shades or a cool hat. Use a traditional ascot knot for the most formal way to wear an ascot. It finishes with the ends crossed over in front and held together with a pin. This was the popular way to wear it in the nineteenth century. It would look quite striking this way. For the most formality wear a black or white tie with a tuxedo. Wear a pin to hold the ascot in place. This is also an opportunity for further decoration. Make sure the pin is not too flashy. The idea is to add even more elegance to the look and not make it ridiculous. For the fabric of an ascot tie, almost any fabric can be used to make an ascot. A wool or cashmere blend in the wool suit is appropriate, when you are wearing it with your Ascot. These ascots are also offer a great chance to add a touch of vibrant hue to any outfit. Have pink on your mind if you are flamboyant. Today the ascot tie is not often worn but should be. It’s a far superior look for any clothing than a bare neck.