Fanny Packs

There are many accessories used by people and popular among them is the fanny pack. Fanny pack is a small bag, often made of nylon. In the 1980s, the fanny pack received its name and entered popular culture. In fact, Adweek Magazine predicted it to be the hottest product of 1988. It is hard to pinpoint the first person to manufacture a fanny pack, because it wasn’t a specific brand name and many different companies had versions of this product marketed under different names. Today, there are now many fashionable fanny packs that you can carry around everyday. Fanny packs are also becoming more and more common among people who need to bring essential items when traveling.

There are the number of advantages that you can actually get from using a fanny pack. First of all, with fanny packs, you will not need to actually hold the bag with your hand or with your arm the whole time. This is because you can simply strap it around your waist and you should be good to go. So you can take it anywhere; from the malls to the outdoors, when biking, walking or doing any other activity for the day. Then, these fanny packs are mostly made out of durable material such as leather or tough polyester. And because of this, you can do everything with peace of mind knowing that your valuables will always be safe and sound inside that pouch. Aside from that, most of these materials are also waterproof and will keep your money or documents water-proof anywhere you go.

Because you never have to worry about holding your bags or that bag on the other arm, you now have the freedom to do your work with both hands. Just strap it on and you should be good to go. Now, you can do more kinds of work and finish more things in a day compared to having a bag in tow. This kind of bag is made specifically to hold your personal stuff, thus its compact and light size. Fashionable fanny packs are now designed to hold paper documents, coins and many others and are sized just enough to give you the freedom to organize everything that is inside the packet. Fanny packs are also multi-functional. They can serve as your handy dandy purse and still be able to hold many other personal belongings as well; minus all that bulk.

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If you want to buy a fanny pack, then be prepared to spend $15 to $100 on a quality fanny pack. Also, consider purchasing an internal-frame backpack that includes a convertible fanny pack if you intend to use your fanny pack on backpacking trips. And consider purchasing a pack that has multiple compartments for easy organizing; a quick-release buckle on the waist; a latch for keys that is easily accessible; a convertible shoulder strap; and a bungee cord for strapping on extra gear. Choose the best color and fanny pack designs that according your personality. So, whether you are a person on the go who loves outdoors or whether you are simply one who loves to carry around stuff as you do your work, a fanny pack is one smart and practical choice that you can use day to day.