Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrows are the second most common areas for body piercing, next to ears and it’s one of the coolest places for jewelry. Eyebrow piercings have become popular among alternative crowds as a means of self-expression and individualism. Reminiscent of the late 20th-century British punk scene, eyebrow piercings have now entered mainstream culture. Eyebrow piercing is a kind of piercing which is done through the eyebrow, generally vertically. These piercings can be done anywhere along the eyebrow, ranging from directly above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow. They can be outfitted with barbs, hoops and even studs.

For the process, it is preferred if you pierce the eyebrow with a needle, to start off. Nevertheless, the piercing process goes something like this. A needle is sterilized first by rubbing alcohol. The needle is held with clean rubber gloves and then the needle is allowed to dry. Then the area where the piercing is to be done is wiped off using rubbing alcohol and any stray hair which might be there has to be removed or pulled back. Followed by this, the skin is shifted and maneuvered with fingers in a way that the needle can be pushed straight through the skin on the other side. Once the person is ready the needle is firmly and quickly pushed down the other side. When that is done, the needle is removed and the jewelry is pushed into the newly done piercing. The area around piercing is then finally cleaned using soap and water. Eyebrow piercing is one of the more modern methods of body adornment. When this area above the eye is pierced, it is prone to irritation and infection. Taking daily care to clean the area can lessen this risk. Frequent handling of the eyebrow piercing is the most common reason for inducing infection in the site. In order to minimize the risk of infections, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water, prior to touching the eyebrow piercing or ring.

Then, while you applying creams and makeup, make sure you do not touch the eyebrow piercing. Otherwise frequent irritation of the piercing can cause swelling and at times, bleeding. Also, makeups may cause infection in the eyebrow piercing area. Remember to keep the piercing clean. Clean it at least twice a day, and be sure to remove any crusting from the piercing. If something gets on the piercing, throughly clean it immediately. You can try salt water treatment to fastens the healing process. Prepare a saline solution by adding one tablespoon of sea salt (not iodized) in a cup of clean water. After the salt dissolves in the water, dip a clean cotton ball and apply it on the eyebrow piercing. Hold the cotton ball for about 10 minutes to remove crust present in the pierced site. You can also heat the salt water solution to a bearable temperature, dip the cotton ball and apply the warm solution in the eyebrow piercing. If you develop a bad infection, be sure to go to the doctor. When serious infections occur, they may need to be treated with antibiotics. Although eyebrow piercing is a good way of setting a fashion statement, you need to take good care of it as well. Otherwise the whole purpose of the piercing will be defeated. Only if you are absolutely sure of that, go for it, otherwise take your time to think.