Dry Eyelids

The eyelid is one of the most common areas for irritation, because the skin of the eyelid is extremely sensitive and more prone to allergic reaction than the tough skin on your hands. Although dry eyelids are usually attributed to makeup, the most common culprit is nail polish. When you rub your eye, the nail polish can cause an allergic reaction. Also, you can experience dry eyelids after exhausting your tear ducts during the night. Tears contain salt that can hold on to two times more water molecules. It causes puffiness in the unlikely areas of the eyes and deprives the other skin layers with the moisture that they need. Other contributing factors to this problem include excessive intake of coffee or soda, and lack of sleep. However, there are a few ways to reduce the dryness on your eyelids, but the sensitivity of the area must be kept in mind.

Eye Moisturizer; Regaining moisture within your eyelids is essential. An eye moisturizer can greatly benefit you in this aspect. Eye moisturizers contain much more moisture than a face moisturizer. They will give your eyelids an immediate appearance of hydration. Within weeks, the dry skin on your eyelids will be eliminated altogether. An eye moisturizer can be found in many drugstores as well as in many skin-care stores. These moisturizers usually are applied to eyelids twice daily, but follow package directions.

Aloe Vera; Immediate relief of discomfort from your dry eyelids can be achieved using aloe vera, which contains soothing properties. In addition, some individuals that have excessive eye dryness begin to form actual wounds on their eyelids. Aloe can help that condition because it contains healing properties. Apply aloe vera as often as necessary. It will not build up on your skin like most skin products. Make sure to use an aloe vera product that contains no preservatives and that is made up of at least 98 percent aloe.

Daily Care; Taking proper daily care of your skin is the most important aspect to ridding your eyelids of dry skin, as well as further preventing dry eyelids. It’s best to never sleep with makeup on your face because it doesn’t allow your skin to breath. Cleanse your face every night before bed, followed by moisturizing your eyelids. Also, eyelids are especially sensitive to the sun. You can wear a light combination facial sunscreen and moisturizer to prevent dryness due to sun exposure.

Makeup Tips; Until your eyelids are successfully treated for dryness, there are a couple tips you can use in the meantime to ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly. Wearing liquid eye shadow instead of powder eye shadow will ensure no clumping occurs. If you do use powder eye shadow, use a primer beforehand to create a smooth base over your eyelid.

These were several ways to solve dry eyelids for you. Treating dry eyes is not very difficult, and until the condition has completely healed, you can use some good quality eye makeup to camouflage the redness and itchiness. However, ensure that the eye makeup being used suits your skin type. But the best way to deal with this problem, is practice proper and regular eye care and to find out the underlying causes, so as to treat it completely.