Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic zirconia earrings have become a common fashion statement nowadays since they are the closest replacement for authentic diamond jewelry without appearing to be fake, cheap or less valuable. This is due to the fact that CZ is very similar to diamonds in terms of attributes and appearance so much so that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between them unless one is actually aware of the points of difference. Developed from a man created substance of zirconium dioxide ZrO2 a cubic zirconia earring would have approximately precisely the same sturdiness as a diamond earring. Its hardness stands around eight on the Mohs scale which makes it harder than some all natural gems. The stones in a cubic zirconia earring would have a relative density also referred because the distinct gravity that will scale between 5.six and 6.0 approximately adding as much as one.6 times that of the diamond. In straightforward English you would not have to be worried about the jewellery breaking up once you purchase a cubic zirconia earring.

Isharya 18-karat gold-plated cubic zirconia earrings
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One of the best things about cubic zirconia earring is the breadth of options. Their availability in classic styles makes these pieces easy to coordinate with other jewelry. Their stunning combinations of materials and colors form unique, signature pieces. Whether you’re wearing sterling silver or gold metal, color enlivens jewelry and is great for today’s bolder, fashion-forward trends. Also, you’ll find cubic zirconia in every color imaginable. From fiery reds to delicate yellows, these stones typically range from 3mm-10mm in size with as much clarity as precious stones, if not more. In addition to the clear diamond style, today’s most popular colors for cz jewelry are pink, champagne and light green. Besides traditional diamond cuts such as pear, marquise and oval, you’ll find these colorful stones in sweet shapes like hearts and butterflies that bear a unique sparkle. All of these colors and shapes can be found in studs, dangles, and most other earring styles. A set of colorful cz earrings in a dramatic color combined with an elegant black or white outfit is undeniably the perfect evening look.

Nadri Cubic Zirconia Chandelier Earrings (Nordstrom Exclusive)
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In this era, the creativity and design related to cubic zirconia earring is much more advanced and sophisticated due to which this simulated diamond jewelry is available in affordable prices in many online stores, department stores as well as catalogues. Therefore, buying durable, inexpensive and rainbow colored cubic zirconia earrings is a temptation which only few women would have the will-power to resist. And this would come truly useful in case you are planning to match the shade along with your birthstone if you are purchasing the jewelry. This could also be useful for guys who use earrings and desire them to be black since it is a pattern within the rock and gothic culture.