Convertible Pants

For outdoor activities that require you to be outside for a lengthy amount of time, convertible pants make an ideal choice to protect you from too much sun, chilly winds, and convert to shorts when needed.  Convertible pants also can be worn by both men and women.  Convertible pants make the perfect choice for both comfort and practicality. Easy to carry in your backpack, they provide options no matter what the weather.

Convertible pants comes in three colors; brown, tan, and black.  This travel pant is heavily influenced by the cargo pant and short, gives you the freedom to have a two-for-one value. This versatility also offers the fashion-conscious shopper the opportunity to easily transition ensembles by injecting mix-and-match wardrobe pieces. And how to wear? Try on your convertible pants in front of your full-length mirror first. Notice the types of trims used throughout your pant.

Nylon Convertible Fishing Pant*RUGGEDSHARK


Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants *REI


And then another way to wear; you need to look at your waistband finish. If your pant has a decorative drawstring front, your ensemble will look best with a tucked-in, contoured top. Beltloop width as well as your pant’s front and back rise finish will impact the type of belt accessory you can wear. Also, you can opt to wear your pant version with a button-down cotton blouse for a weekend wear look. You can also interchange it with your short version and a one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder top for a casual ensemble. Convertible pants are inexpensive, quick drying, and remotely fashionable with a good design.