Sunless Tanning Lotions

If you want a stunning tanned and beautiful golden look, why not try using sunless tanning lotion? With many dangers coming from overexposure to UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, many people are choosing to opt away from a natural tan and into sunless tanning. Sunless tanning gives you the look of a healthy tan without exposing your body to UV rays that could potentially lead to skin cell damage and even skin cancer. That’s why, sunless tanning lotions are most preferred by people in summer season.

Sunless tanning lotions are creamy in consistency, although the lotions that are specifically designed to be used on the face tend to be more lightweight. The lotions are designed to spread easily, and they are usually an opaque white. As the lotion is spread over the body, the white coloring dissipates. But some sunless tanning lotions are actually tinted with a hint of bronze, making application even easier. The tint gives the user better control over how much lotion is needed. Because it is highly visible, it helps to ensure that all of the desired areas have been covered. The bronze tint stays on the surface of the skin and does not disappear when dry. Each lotion takes up to three hours to reach its full effect. The active ingredient in the lotion is DHA. DHA works with amino acids in the skin to achieve a healthy looking tan without the need to soak up any of the sun’s rays. The DHA combines to create melaninoids, and these melaninoids give the skin its tan appearance. The body does not absorb the chemical DHA because this reaction only takes place on the top layer of skin. As skin cells naturally die and flake away, along with it goes the DHA. Thus, the tan fades with each exfoliation. There are several ways to apply sunless tanning lotion. Firstly,  to prevent blotchiness or uneven tanning, it is best to apply sunless tanner after you’ve cleansed and gently scrubbed your body with a soft loofah or oil-free body scrub. Then, applying self-tanner to feet and legs first, and then moving upward. This prevents you from having to bend over while the self-tanner is still wet on your torso, which can lead to creasing of the color on your back and stomach. For the most natural, deep color result, it is best to apply in several thin, even coats instead of one thick goopy one. And many sunless tanning lotions suggest massaging the product in really well or until it is fully absorbed in the skin. However, most sunless tanners dry so quickly that if you rub it in until fully absorbed, you will stain the palms of your hands before you’ve finished your body. Unless you plan to wear gloves during application, recommends applying the tanner as quickly as possible and washing hands often during application. Ideally, you want to give the product at least 30 minutes to absorb into your skin before putting on clothes or sitting down, according to If you don’t wait long enough, you run the risk of staining your skin with the pattern of your underwear, jeans or other clothing. For best results, wander around unclothed for 30 minutes to an hour without sitting down, then put on something very loose and breathable.

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After you’ve applied the sunless tanning lotion, you can even out spots like your elbows, knees and armpits with lotion to reduce the self tanner’s power. Also, immediately wash your hands or wipe them off with a baby wipe to keep the dye from setting in on your hands. After a few hours, your tan will “set.” Examine your body and look for any darker or uneven spots. Dark spots can be treated with hydrogen peroxide, just put some on a Q-tip or cotton ball and rub over the area. Or, if necessary, reapply tanning in the areas that are lighter than the rest of your body. Do that, and you’re on your way to a beautiful, just-arrived-from-the-islands tan. Sunless tanning lotions basically come in two forms, lotion and a spray. If you are a first timer, it is best to go for lotion, as it is convenient to use. DHA is the main ingredient you should look for while buying them. Go through the reviews for various self tanning products and choose the one that suits your particular skin type. Best lotion is the one which allows uniform application and avoids streaking or blotching. The lotion should be thin enough so that it does not accumulate in fine lines and folds of skin. Also take into account the body parts you wish to tan. You cannot use the same lotion to tan your entire body. Sunless tanning lotion for face is often lighter than the one meant for arms and legs. Although, there is no special tanning lotion for men, they should preferably use the darker shade. Lastly, check the ratings on the lotion and choose the one that has been approved by FDA. Finally, if you want to get a gorgeous sun kissed look then sunless tanning lotions can help you.