Toddler Halloween Costumes

While Halloween is all about ghouls and goblins for the older folk, taking your toddler out trick-or-treating gives you the opportunity to dress him/her up in an adorable outfit. So many toddler Halloween costumes available at kid’s clothing stores, and its make you feel a bit confuse and don’t know which is the best for your toddler. Well, perhaps all parents feel the same way, because all of those costumes look so cute! However, if you want to buy you need to consider the price and you have to choose according to your toddler’s wishes. Toddlers can enjoy dressing up and pretending to be different people based on the costumes they select. And here are some ideas for your toddler costumes for Halloween:


Your toddler can hit the trail on his broomstick horse with a classic cowboy costume. Start with a pair of jeans and a dress shirt with a vest layered over it. Make a pair of faux chaps out of leather or cow print fabric for added flair, and simply hold the chaps up with a belt. Add a bit of color with a bandana tied around the neck. Pick up an old pair of boots at your local thrift store if you do not already have a pair, and a plastic gun in a holster from your area dollar store. For an even more authentic costumer, create a lasso out of rope to wrestle those cattle.

Bird Costumes

Here’s another toddler Halloween costumes; Birds! You will need to use a sleeper in whatever color you want your little bird to be. You can buy a couple of large pieces of felt to cut out for the wings. You’ll attach the wings along the sides of the sleeper and to the underside of each arm. To complete the look, take one of your child’s baseball caps, and cover it with some more felt. The bill will be the beak of the bird, so use a different color for this. Now, your little bird can waddle or fly on down the street as he trick or treats!


A princess costume is a popular and easy-to-find costume any time of year. This costume consists of a pastel-colored long gown, sparkling shoes, and a crown or hat. It has been a family favorite for many years, and it’s easy to make at home as well. You can add plenty of detail or keep simple, and your toddler girl can also get plenty of use out of this costume after Halloween when playing dress up.

Ladybug Costume

This toddler Halloween cosutume is really simple. Purchase a black sweat suit or just a black top and pants, and add a red vest. You’ll also want a black hat. You can use two sided tape to attach large black spots cut out of felt material onto the red vest. When you are finished with the costume, simply remove the spots! Antennas can be made out of two red pipe cleaners that you attach to the black hat. You can even add a few spots to your little ones face, if you like, with face paint! How cute!

Phil and Lil

For toddler twins, they can go with Phil and Lil costume. The Rugrats gang’s resident twins, Phil and Lil, make good twin toddler costumes, being twin toddlers themselves. This works especially well for boy/girl twins. Phil and Lil wear teal blue jumpers with a yellow duck on the left breast. The jumpers have a pocket with a little white handkerchief in it, in the lower right area of the jumper. Beneath the jumper, the twins wear pink shirts. Phil wears blue shorts beneath his jumper and blue sneakers. Lil wears a pink bow in her hair and pink sneakers.

For another idea, see the pictures below :

The best toddler Halloween costumes are made from flame-retardant material. Toddlers move fast, and plenty of people forget the smallest children are out on Halloween night. Many people still light real candles inside their pumpkins, so fire is certainly a hazard to your toddler. Costume labels will usually inform parents if the fabric is flame retardant; if not, ask the manufacturer directly. And if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a costume for your toddler but want to include the child in the spirit and fun of Halloween, a homemade toddler costume may be the ideal choice for you. So, for Halloween everything can be a trick, or treats?