Business Casual Attire for Men

What is business casual attire? Business casual attire is mostly demanded on occasions where large number of people are likely to congregate. The informal sessions with a potential employer before a campus interview, job fairs, informal business meetings are some of the occasions where you will possibly be required to dress in business casual attire. Introduced in the 1970s in white-collar organizations, the business casual attire has now become extremely popular among various professional organizations. Not only does it make it comfortable for employees to perform their tasks at work, it also creates an appropriate blend of formality and informality in the workplace. This dress code is however, applicable to those who do not have to directly deal with clients, vendors and other professionals. In some organizations, this dress code is applicable for all employees on the last day of the week. Business casual attire for men include fine knit shirts and sweaters, collared shirts, golf shirts, dress pants, khakis, chinos and sport coats. To command authority and respect, wear leather shoes and a belt. Sandals and sneakers are acceptable.

Men should say a final goodbye to their baggy jeans while getting ready for the office. Instead business casual attire for men should include pants other than jeans, such as khakis, or formal pants. Corduroys and dressy jeans can also be worn in many workplaces, especially those that provide design and content. Men can wear light-weight trousers topped by a collared shirt (dress shirt or polo shirt) with a belt, socks and dress shoes.  They should avoid wearing oversize t-shirts, body hugging tight t-shirts, torn or crumpled clothes, etc., as it makes them look very irresponsible and unrepresentable. They can also sport different jackets. Suit jackets, blazers or sporty jackets are also included in the dress code in the workplace unless they are very flashy.


Do not wear clothing intended for the beach, yard work or sports. Avoid wearing gym clothes, baseball caps, T-shirts, muscle shirts, and shorts. If any clothing item contains potentially offensive words, logos or pictures, remove it from your work wardrobe. Then, the accessories that appropriate for business casual attire for men; A classic watch should suffice the jewelry requirements of a business casual attire. If you must, carry a leather bag or a briefcase. Piercings or tattoos are better kept covered while attending a business event.