Bohemian Style for Women

Bohemian fashions are simple yet unique. Bohemian fashion is a reconstructed combination of hippie, gypsy and indie style. It is slightly organic, very relaxed, and just a touch feminine. Rather than creating matchy-matchy outfits with tailored lines and stiff fabrics, bohemian clothing allows one to dress comfortably with a touch of rugged whimsy. It can translate from day to evening year round and is simple to pull off. Search vintage and thrift shops as well as your favorite apparel stores to piece together an ethnic and cultured look. The Bohemian style clothing is feminine and funky, loose and relaxed, casual and charming. It’s never really out of style and definitely great for women.

The Bohemian style clothing actually began during the 18th century, and the adjective “bohemian” was a derogatory slur denoting a gypsy or someone who rejected popular fashion. Over time, it came to refer to anyone who wanted to live freely and did not necessarily follow the cultural rules of the time. In the 20th century, the Bohemian style clothing was associated with artists, radicals and eccentrics. The Bohemian style clothing for women can trace its way back to the European conception of gypsies. The look includes long, flowing skirts, soft shirts with belled sleeves and a focus on natural fibers. Colors can be bright, but unlike some of the related hippie style of clothing, there are less patterns. Instead, the focus in a softer, more natural look, with embellishments that include embroidery and beading. Wearing Bohemian-style for clothing is very comfortable. The garments are less structured, as the skirts are usually fastened with a drawstring and the tops can be pulled over the head. The style is very feminine and flattering to virtually all figures.

Women can wear many options of bohemian outfits, but usually, the patterns are generally very bold, and made in contrasting bright colors. So to dress up in a bohemian manner, use cloth materials which are dark in color with big patterns on them.When choosing shirts, select the ones with puff sleeves or bell sleeves. Tunics and knee length tank tops, which can be worn over the pants make a good bohemian style shirt. Pants include the gauchos, bell bottoms, and slacks. The clothing for women is full of bold patterns so choose the lowers which have large flowers on them or any large print which has natural things such as sea, trees, stones, etc., on them. Then, for accessories. Inexpensive jewelry made from stone, wood, glass and other cheap materials, should be worn. Long Necklaces, chunky rings, made from beads or tarnished metal, are a good way to accessorize the clothes. Scarves, bandannas, broad belts, all constitute bohemian style accessories. As you can see, bohemian style clothing is all about being oneself, and saying no to what the designers recommend. It is all about wearing something unique, away from what the crowd wears, something that makes you feel good. Cheers!