It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and modern women definitely need to have fashionable ways to carry small items. The wristlet is the answer to this. A wristlet is known to be a small bag, similar to a clutch, with a small wristband for carrying. They are generally larger than a wallet, but smaller than a regular size handbag. Wristlets differ in size according to style and manufacturer, but most are approximately 4 inches wide and 7 inches long. Wristlets have a zipper that runs the length of the purse and a long, skinny loop at one end. The carrier uses the loop to hook the wristlet over her wrist, hence the name “wristlet.” Wristlets are special because they can serve two purposes they can be their own purse, or most have a keychain strap that can be connected to a larger bag.

Natasha Couture Bow Wristlet

Lodis ‘Cassie’ Phone Wristlet

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Every woman needs a wristlet, although a wristlet purse is one fashion accessory that many women will wait years to get. The reason for this is many women dont understand how convenient a wristlet can be. A great wristlet will match with anything and everything you have on. This is especially important for many women, really. With wristlets, the only thing you need to worry about is how you’ll enjoy your time, hand free. But for safety, like with any personal belongings, you should always use caution when in public places to prevent your possessions from being stolen or lost. After attaching the wristlet to your wrist, jiggle your arm slightly to confirm your wristlet won’t fall off easily. In addition, when walking in crowded spaces, keep your wristlet attached to one wrist and close to your body. Use your opposite hand to hold on to the wristlet for extra security.

Lilly Pulitzer Mini Wristlet Glitter

Jessica McClintock Floral Wristlet

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There are so many wristlet models available in the market today. They all seem so attractive. It is not easy to make a choice. If you’re shopping for a wristlet, you will have many models to choose from. To ensure you get the best price without sacrificing important attributes, compare prices online before you buy. Wristlets are great for running out during the day, and perfect for night time starlet action as they replace the ordinary evening bag with a bit of trendy chic. When you need to carry more items, you can always through it in your large handbag. Cheers!