Women’s Workout Clothes

For some women, workout is more about fashion than it is about getting a good workout. It’s okay to look great while sweating to the oldies your way to a healthier you. When choosing workout clothes to exercise in, it’s important to consider such options as style, breathe-ability and one of the more important factors that literally holds it together-support.  This will keep you cooler and absorbs more moisture from the body without becoming weighted or sticky with sweat. While you might be wondering of buying an all new set of women’s workout clothes according to the current fashion trends, first check out your wardrobe.

Sleeveless t-shirts make great fashion clothing to wear out for workout. Plain spaghetti tops are also best to be worn for workout. Go for thin straps and sleeveless or short sleeved t-shirts for a stylish look. Collar neck or strapless tops are not a much good idea for workout.

You can’t talk about women’s workout clothes without addressing those bottoms to help hide that cheeseburger you ate last night. Let’s face it, women want to get a workout but they also want to look great doing it. One of the most important aspects of a workout bottom is that it does not lose its shape through washing or your gaining (or losing) a few pounds. Today’s leggings are more about breath-ability as opposed to unnaturally squeezing it all in. Look for cropped leggings made from a stretch fabric or those bottoms that soak up moisture. Bottoms that don’t bunch as you run and jump are a must. Look for leggings that provide a slimming appearance until you actually lose that extra ten pounds you resolved to get rid of back in January.

You can find a wide variety in reflective women’s workout clothes that is best for outdoor workouts. You can either mix and match the tops and bottoms or go for the stylish sets of women’s clothes. What’s more? You can also get specially-designed maternity clothes in most of the shops selling the clothing.

Where Can I Find It?

If you are casual about exercising, you can find good-looking, lower-priced workout clothes in big-box department stores. If you are running marathons, doing hardcore yoga or mountain climbing, you’ll probably want to spend more and find pieces that will hold up to repeated washings and the salts and minerals contained in sweat.

You can find women’s workout clothes online at sites such as

  1. Kohls.com
  2. Activewearusa.com
  3. Oldnavy.gap.com
  4. Sportsauthority.com


Along with the best outfit, make sure that you wear a sports bra, which is one of the most important parts of your workout gear. Again, comfort, support, ability to absorb moisture and right fitting are the factors to be kept in mind while buying this. Wear something that you are comfortable in and make it your style statement. Pick the best outfits, hit the gym and exercise with comfort and confidence.