Women’s Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are handsome shirts with a round, soft-fitting high collar.  A versatile top, turtlenecks can be worn for business under a blazer or can be a dressy addition to a long skirt or a pair of slacks, or they can be exceedingly comfortable casual wear with the right pair of jeans.  With a simple design and endless versatility, turtlenecks are wonderful additions to any wardrobe.

Turtlenecks are the perfect complement to skirts, pants, and jumpers and an affordable way to update a wardrobe. In fact, they go with everything from workday skirts to dressy palazzo pants. For women, instead of tossing the turtleneck to the back of the closet, add accessories to transform the shirt from bland to chic. Look for items that appeal to you and coordinate with the turtleneck. Because of the high neckline, you are limited on necklace types, but you have free reign on other accessory options. Play around with different accessories until you find your ideal look.

Dreamy Turtleneck



Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Supima Turtleneck



Reed Krakoff Thermal Turtleneck


The wide range of newer textiles used to create turtlenecks is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the breathable, stretchy fabrics take comfort to the next level, and they look as good as they feel. They are virtually wrinkle-free and incredibly packable. These fabrics are more delicate than other fabrics and most must be dry-cleaned or hand washed. A plus to shopping for turtlenecks is the fact that there is an abundant supply in various styles and colors. Pick up one at your favorite local store, or keep your eyes open at tag and yard sales for hidden treasures. If you prefer to do your shopping on the Internet,there are many online stores or retailers that offers these turtlenecks in variety prices.