Women’s Sweater Vests

Sweater vests can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Warm and easy to wear, they can be dressed up for a fancy occasion or dressed down for a more casual look. A garment with roots in 1920s active wear, the sweater vest was an essential for golfing and tennis. The knitted vest became a unisex number by the 1970s and has continued to be a fashion staple for both men and women ever since. Women’s sweater vest have long been a staple of a preppy girl’s wardrobe. However, any woman can wear this versatile garment to add an extra layer of warmth along with stylish flair.

For feminine look, pair a tight women’s sweater vest with a tight plain white T-shirt. Wear with a fitted, possibly flared, pair of pants or jeans. Add a pin or brooch on one shoulder. The pin can be a retro rhinestone piece or a floral pin with a pearl center. Shoes can be heels or flats, depending on whether you are going out or going for a more casual look. Or women can pair a long, bulky sweater vest with a thin belt. A form-fitting top with either three-quarter or full-length sleeves looks best. Since longer sweaters cover your rear, it is safe to wear a pair of skinny jeans or pants. High heels will work well with this look, as will a longer necklace that extends below the bustline. For work, women can go wear one over a button-up blouse with a pair of slacks and heels, or try one on over a turtleneck. They look just as good with skirts and heels, and you can always add a suit jacket to top everything off. Notes: Don’t wear a sweater vest with a sleeveless shirt underneath, such as camisoles and tank tops, it’s not a good idea. Wearing a sweater vest is an affordable, creative, and versatile way to change up your wardrobe and add oomph to your style. It allows you to look polished and confident in any situation, from religious events to social functions.

Women’s sweater vest is usually easy to find, and available in business attire stores/online retailers. When selecting a sweater vest, look for lightweight vests made of acrylic, cotton and wool blends for cool weather. When it’s very chilly, sweater vests made of wool and cashmere will keep you warm and comfortable.