Women’s Snowboarding Pants

Snowboarding is as much about the fashion as it is about the thrill of riding. Snowboard fashion is different than downhill skiing fashion, but every bit as expensive. Whether you are a woman skier, snowboarder or winter enthusiast, having pants that keep you warm and protect you from the elements is crucial. Good womens snowboarding pants offer waterproof and breathable fabrics and are a superb upgrade from denim jeans or canvas work pants. These pants are made to withstand cold temperatures and are double-layered on the knees and the rear because snowboarders spend a lot of time kneeling and sitting.

There are not many womens snowboarding pants that stray from the traditional silhouette, most have a baggy fit. Where they differ is in their features and construction. Some high-end, high-performance pants can have a special taffeta lining that helps to wick, or transfer, sweat away from the skin to keep the wearer drier. Cheaper pants may not have this feature. Additionally, some pants, designed for colder climates, have different weights of insulation to help keep snowboarders warmer in icy conditions–which can differ from the standard lightweight lining. Snowboarding pants for women and men tend to have a baggier cut with more color options, including prints. For women, pair a solid jacket with printed pants for a fashionable snow ensemble.

Roxy Evolution Insulated Pants

Billabong Berg Insulated Pants



Volcom Link Insulated Pant – Women’s

Burton TWC Sugartown Pant – Women’s



If you want to purchase, make sure the womens snowboarding pants you choose fit well. While trying them on, bend over. Next bend down. Finally while standing twist your body. Make sure they allow you to do all the flexible moves you would do on the board. Pants that are too tight will make you feel constricted and limit your movement. Since womens snowboarding pants come in many different colors and styles you need to pick what suits you best. Picking something that looks good on you will make you feel good about your purchase no matter what price you paid.