Women’s Snowboarding Jackets

Snowboarding jackets have developed over the years to meet the needs of snowboarders of all levels, from those who are just learning the sport to those who are experienced. As the moves of the sport developed and became more daring, the requirements of the snowboarding jacket changed. And women’s snowboarding jackets are now streamlined and stylish.

Burton Women’s Cora Pullover Jacket



B by Burton Cora Pullover Jacket – Women’s


Any snowboarding jacket is designed to function in conjunction with the 3-layer clothing system. The jacket serves as a shell to provide protection from the cold, harsh winds of winter weather and to protect from water seeping. Women’s snowboarding jackets also need to be breathable to allow you to transfer your body heat and moisture out. Working with the jacket, a base layer serves to insulate body heat and wick moisture, while a mid-layer provides heavier insulation and warmth. Choose your snowboarding jacket with consider the local weather conditions where you do most of your snowboarding. If the area has a lot of sunny days, you will probably want to choose a light snowboarding jacket, but if the weather is more extreme, you will want to choose a heavier snowboarding jacket. Another key feature to a good snowboarding jacket is the fact that it’s windproof. When your at the top of the slopes and the wind and snow is blowing sideways, that bitter cold can go right through you if your jacket is not windproof.

DC Holly Snowboard Jacket 2012- Women’s



Roxy Womens Snowboard Jacket Toah Bright Liberty Eclipse Liberty



Selecting women’s snowboarding jackets can be tricky. Women need to choose a jacket with the features that they want. Tips: some jackets come with powder skirts that will block snow from flying up from underneath when riding powder. If you think you will be riding a lot of untouched powder fields you should get a jacket with a powder skirt. Other jackets come with removable liners. These work really well for extremely cold days. Another nice feature for those warm spring days or for when you overdressed are vents. If you are one who tends to get a little warm on the mountain try getting a jacket with vents. Pass holders, extra pockets and removable hoods are all things you might or might not want in a jacket, it comes down to personal preference. Women’s snowboarding jackets aren’t cheap, so take your time and make sure you get one that’s going to last. You certainly don’t want to have to buy another one right away because you didn’t do your homework or chose a jacket based on looks alone.