Women’s Plus Size Nightgowns

If you’re a plus size girl in search of new nightgowns, then you have a good news that your options are broader than ever before. In response to public demand, many high-end nightgown retailers are offering better¬† selections in plus sizes. Nightgowns in plus sizes are probably the easiest of pajamas to find.The key is to know what you want when you go shopping.

Women’s plus size nightgowns come in the following styles:

  1. Babydolls
  2. Chemises
  3. Sleep shirts
  4. Nursing or maternity
  5. Peignoirs
  6. Night shirts
  7. Negligee
  8. Caftans
  9. Housedresses
  10. Victorian
  11. Flannel nightgowns (all lengths)


Women’s plus size nightgowns come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. Some gowns are designed to be worn out of necessity, while others are just fashionable and really don’t serve any useful purpose except to look pretty or sexy.¬† When choosing a plus size nightgown, keep in mind the following :

  1. Choose flattering fabrics. Satin, while beautiful and slinky, has a tendency to show every lump and bump. Opt for chiffon, cotton or knit nightgowns and lingerie.Support your bust. Display your assets to their best advantage in underwire nighties or, for a more comfortable option, consider camisoles with built-in shelf bras. Nightgowns that tie around the neck offer excellent support with the added advantage of a sexy neckline.
  2. Go for comfortable and sexy. Ribbed tank tops in cute colors and low-slung yoga pants make men’s hearts beat faster. Just look at a Victoria’s Secret catalogue for proof. Slouchy isn’t sexy, though, so make sure your loungewear fits you properly.
  3. Buy your size. Some plus-sized women think baggy clothes make them appear thinner. But extra fabric simply adds extra bulk to your frame. Make sure your nightgowns fit you, not two of you.
  4. Show off your skin tone. Olive-skinned girls get a sexy glow from deep jewel tones. Fair-haired women look great in soft pastels.
  5. Highlight your favorite body part. If your legs are miles long, try some boy shorts. Girls with ripped arms look fantastic in tank tops and camisoles that show off their sexy shoulders. To showcase your sexy hips, try some hip-hugging pajama pants or yoga pants.


The Examples of Women’s Plus Size Nightgowns


Tips :

The style and fabric you choose will determine how you care for your nightgowns. Simple cotton garments can handle a light wash and low-heated dry. However, more delicate items such as silk chemises or long gowns need to be handled with care. Follow the laundering instructions on the label as some may need to be dry cleaned, while others can be hand-washed and air-dried.