Women’s Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are comfortable, casual and a recurring fashion statement for fall and winter. Plaid shirts are basically long sleeve t-shirts with boxex on them, designed by lines. Womens plaid shirts can be styled in numerous ways, ranging from the oversized and laid-back to sexy and fitted. Color choice, pattern and fabric will all impact the appearance of your plaid shirt, so focus on these elements to dress your plaid shirt up or down.

If you are wondering how to wear these shirts, you can get away with wearing a plaid shirt with jeans pretty easily as it’s a common way to wear a plaid shirt. A woman can change up her overall look with varying shoe styles. She can wear sandals, boots, flats, heels or anything she wants to dress up an otherwise mundane look. One popular way to wear jeans is to tuck them into a pair of boots. For a more retro look, women can wear their favorite graphic tee under the plaid shirt. Wear your plaid shirt with a denim skirt. It can be a miniskirt, or a pencil skirt, but a skirt adds a touch of feminine flair and spunkiness that wearing pants can’t always achieve. A basic denim pencil skirt, for example, would add a bit of simplicity and class to what may be a very casual outfit. A ruffled skirt will add an even more feminine and contrasting touch. Women’s plaid shirts are fun and never go out of style. Totally!

To get a dressier look, you can wear your plaid shirt with a pair of khaki pants. You can then layer your plaid shirt under a sweater and even add a tie if you want to take it up a notch. If you are going to wear a tie with your plaid shirt, make sure you wear a solid-colored tie. You don’t want a pattern in your tie competing with your plaid shirt. This is a great look for work or if you are just trying to achieve a dressier style. And also, if you want to wear a plaid shirt, but you feel that the colors or plaid pattern is somehow too much, you can always tone it down by wearing a jacket or cardigan over it. After all, women’s plaids shirts are absolutely comfortable, chic  and the best casual wardrobe makeover of the season.