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A sleep is the best ingredient for a healthy, active and stress-free life. What you wear to sleep can make all the difference between waking up refreshed and feeling drained in the morning. Pajamas are primarily used as sleepwear and the focus is on comfort that it provides to the wearer. The style and fabric of the pajamas determine the comfort and in turn, the quality of sleep. Women’s pajamas come in variety styles and colors. Whether you choose pajamas with shorts or long pants, a pull over shirt or a button-up, pajamas are the most classic of sleepwear styles. Remember that collars, buttons and other features can interfere with comfort since they can press against you while you are sleeping.

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A relative newcomer to the lingerie industry, Pajamagram’s popularity has grown in recent years. The premise behind the site is that women work hard and love comfort, and what provides a greater amount of relaxation than a comfortable pair of pj’s? First built around the notion that loved ones would purchase the merchandise, it’s now perfectly acceptable for you to buy your own pair.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has long offered sensuously cut lingerie, but they also offer an incredible array of uniquely designed pajama sets. One of the best selling points at Victoria’s Secret is the fact that they offer a wide variety of colors. In fact, it’s not unusual to find attractive shades of pale green, lavender and fuchsia here. Additionally, there are pajama sets that are decorated with hand mirrors, the VS logo, and large flowers. In short, you may be able to find the perfect set to relax, and sleep, in.

Dr Jay’s

Dr. Jay’s primarily offers hip hop clothing, but they also offer a surprising array of uniquely styled pajama sets. Most notably, there is the Foil Print Racer back. This is a bold and eye catching pj set that is done in red with black trim and features gold foil letting on the front. If you are still searching for the perfect pj set, then checking out some of the styles at Dr. Jay’s may put you in good stead.

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Choose women’s pajamas made from cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, and rayon as well as blends made from combinations of these. Cotton is generally the most comfortable material since it allows your body to breathe. Some people prefer silk for its sensuous feel, and its natural fibers also allow the skin to breathe. Nylon and thermal synthetics work well in colder climates since they tend to keep body heat in. In general, lightweight cotton weaves are the coolest, cotton flannel is a little warmer and synthetics such as polyester are the warmest.

In addition, look for pajamas that has either no seams or minimal seams since they can be irritating to the skin. Try to avoid pockets, flaps and add-ons that may get stuck or irritate you in some other manner in your sleep; it is best to choose a simple design with as few embellishments as possible.

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