Women’s Oxford Shirts

During the 19th century, it was a Scottish fabric mill that started using cotton to make the oxford cloth. It is only one of the different shirt fabrics that has been named after a university that is famous. This one was named after Oxford University. The three other universities that have been used include Yale, Harvard, and Cambridge. Both synthetic and cotton fabrics are used to make oxford cloth today. Not only for men,Oxford shirts are now available for women and they are becoming more popular for casual wear. Womens oxford shirts also can be paring with another outfit like with jeans or shorts for a more casual, classic look.

Womens oxford shirts come in the same button-down, collared shapes as men’s shirts do, though they will sometimes be tailored with darts so they fit closer to the body. An Oxford shirt dress, a popular choice for women, can be dressed up with heels and a blazer. Women also have the choice of short, three-quarter or long-sleeved shirts, and can wear them untucked with casual khakis, shorts or jeans. They also can wear a shirt dress with sandals or flats. Casual Oxford shirts come in a wide variety of colors and stripe patterns; these bolder color choices are better saved for casual situations or weekend wear.

Womens Oxford shirts can be purchased for a variety of prices based primarily upon retailer. They are available in either short or long sleeve. Furthermore, they can be purchased in a vast variety of colors and patterns including pink, green, blue, stripes, and plaid.