Women’s Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses first came about in the 1920s, during prohibition when alcohol drinking was illegal. Under the guise of a party, women socialized with men, wearing clothes that were a cross between evening wear and day clothes. Cocktail dresses were designed in a style that is now associated with the flappers. Back then, the length was more conservative, grazing the knees and even down to the ankles. Women’s cocktail dresses come in a variety of materials and colors. When choosing a cocktail dress, try to emphasize the parts of your body that you like, while hiding your flaws. Because lengths and colors vary, the cut of the dress is the most important factor in determining how flattering it will be. There are some variations of women’s cocktail dresses. from A-line dress to strapless dresses are became favorite among women to enhance their appearance for cocktail party.

A-line dresses flatter most body types. They are good for bottom-heavy women who want to hide the hips and thighs. They can also balance out a top-heavy body, as the hem floats away from the body. On the other hand, Halter dress can be another good option for cocktail party. Halter dresses are made of material that wraps from the front of the dress around the back of the neck. They emphasize the arms and shoulders. Women with top-heavy bodies should avoid wearing halter dresses, as they draw attention to the arms. They are flattering on women who wish to accentuate cleavage or distract from the lower part of the body. There’s nothing wrong with strapless dress for cocktail party. Strapless dresses emphasize the shoulders, arms and torso. Strapless dresses draw attention to the arms and shoulders. They work well for slim or well-toned upper bodies and can, with a loose cut, help hide the lower half.¬† Besides these variations of women’s cocktail dresses, there are also another good option for cocktail party. Such as; sheath dress, asymmetrical dress, drop waist dress, wrap dress, empire waist dress, and spaghetti strap dress can be your alternative options to go.

Women’s cocktail dresses are gorgeous, elegant, and important because it is usually a symbol of socialization. It is worn when the occasion calls for drinking and talking with friends, as opposed to a formal dinner. It is more casual than evening wear but more glamorous than regular day clothing. It is considered semi-formal wear. Although¬† cocktail dresses comes in so many variations, all the matter is an outfit that makes you feel comfortable yet confident is the ideal choice for a cocktail party. So make sure you choose the best and according your personality. Cheers!