Women’s Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts, this type of shirt is just over a century in existence. The supposed origins of the button-down collar come from a British polo player who realized that by adding buttons, the corners of his collar wouldn’t whip back into his face while riding at a canter across the field. Nowadays, the button-down collar is commonplace, but harder to find than just a plain dress shirt. Not just for men, but button down shirts can also worn by women.  Womens button down shirts can turn any casual outfit into a more stylish affair.

Womens button down shirts have many styles. The collars, cuffs and sleeve combinations can make the shirts uniquely yours. The collars can be traditional pinpoint collars, rounded collars, or no collars. This is where personal style can make a difference. There are several cuffs to choose from also; French cuff, two button cuffs, pointed cuffs or no cuffs at all.    The French cuff offers a looser fit at the wrist, the two button cuff fits snugger to the wrist and the pointed cuff flares away from the sleeve for a little added drama, or you can choose no cuff at all. The choices in sleeves can help when choosing a collar or cuff. The short sleeves can have cuffs or no cuffs, ¾ sleeves can also have cuffs or no cuffs and then there are the traditional long sleeves. With knit button down shirts you can also consider the stretch cuffs on any type of sleeve.  You don’t have to choose a solid anymore either. You can have stripes, prints, bolds and pastels. Keep in mind that stripes can affect your look. Horizontal stripes can add the appearance of width, vertical stripes can add the look of length and diagonal stripes can give the appearance of curves. Small prints and large prints can also alter the appearance of the person wearing the shirt.  Bold colors like jewel tones can make a statement and give you confidence, make you stand out in a crowd. Pastels can blend better with other colors. You can choose colors and designs based on how you wish to appear and they can also work with traditional suit colors of black, navy, and grey. Choose colors that enhance your skin, hair and eye colors. You may not be able to wear jewel tones; they make your skin have a green or yellow cast. There are plenty of colors for you to choose from in the pastel or patterns.

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Womens button down shirts also can be team up with sweaters, high-waisted jeans or a high-waisted skirt, leggings, opaque tights or skinny jeans, and a large belt. These shirts are more versatile and yet can be so fashionable with some experiment, mix and match. Womens button down shirts are available in every clothing stores with so many different styles and colors. Also, you can find them plenty at online retailers too. After all, button down shirts for women can be another option and even some people feel that they’re too old fashioned but if you can play with your creativity then you can achieve the different look with button down shirts. Cheers!