Women’s Blazers

Blazers were originally made of worsted wool, and British naval jackets go on the 19th Century. Today, many elegant jackets with buttons called Blazer. Both women and men have found pleasure in it.  For women, a blazer is a must have! Women’s blazers are so versatile and chic.  There are so many gorgeous blazer designs for women and more narrow and fit in these days.

They come in a variety of materials, from cotton, linen on to silk and satin. Also, Blazers for women are available in royal colours, such as royal blue, gold, purple, burgundy, and white; trendy colours like orange, red, Kelly green, and rare colours like Augusta Green, artillery red, olive green, and forest green. Virtually every colour of the rainbow. Although Blazer came from Western Country, but now most of Asia Countries are using blazer, especially country with Winter Season such as China, Japan, and Korea.

Blazers are particularly suitable for clothing for festive or formal occasions or for everyday work. Most ladies wear including an appropriate Blouse Often also a nice shirt. Whether you are a student, working with a corporate organization, or going out for a formal meeting, women look great in blazers. It makes you look professional, smart, and tailored. Womens blazers can also be worn for casual events and in any styles.

If you want to purchase a blazer, it is important to pay attention to the seams and to ensure that high quality material was used. Most of the blazers today are figure hugging and tight. Likewise, the length of blazers that you can find them in more variety length. But for formal occasions, womens blazers should not be too short, this can quickly unintentionally provocative or simply act inappropriately. Better you choose the long ones if you want to use it for work. As you see, you should consider when buying a blazer a few little things to really look good after wards.

To purchase, you can visit :

  1. Nordstrom.com
  2. Shopbop.com
  3. Asos.com


Blazers come in all shapes and sizes they add value and fashion to outfits if worn the correct way with the correct outfit.  This feminine and sexy piece can be teamed with absolutely anything.  Blazers for women are trendy and can look good on every woman! Cheers!