Women’s Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts, which are popularly known as walking shorts, started out with the British army to be worn in tropical or hot climates. Nowadays, it is well know as a semi-casual trouser that not just can be worn by men, but also by women. For women, unlike short shorts which can show a lot of thigh (an area many women don’t consider their best asset) or capri pants, Bermuda shorts are a versatile length that flatter just about any woman. They skim the knee, so don’t cut off the line of the leg for petite women, who may want elongating details in their clothes; womens Bermuda shorts also cover the hips and thighs well.

Womens Bermuda shorts are a great spring and summer staple. They’ll carry you through many different occasions, errands, weekends and vacations. You can slip into your favorite pair whether you’re heading to a casual garden party or beach house barbecue. Pair your Bermuda shorts with the right tops, shoes and accessories and you’ll be perfectly attired for any casual event. Women can go  with a tunic or dress, then belting at the waist. While a nipped-waist shirt dress is low key enough to pull off for running errands, sun dresses should be reserved for evenings out. Wear high heels that can adds a quick style upgrade to Bermuda shorts. For a night out, peep-toe pumps add a heavy dose of retro glamour. For daytime, opt for a more casual-not to mention comfortable-wedge or beachy espadrille.

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These  pants, also known as city shorts, crops, knee-pants, will take you from the beach to the mall to work, and everywhere in between. Womens bermuda shorts are what many women are looking for; they’re short enough to keep you cool, but lengthy enough to make you feel comfortable.