White Ripped Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is popular in 2012 and it looks at its best when ripped to the perfection. The slim fit accentuates your figure. And white ripped skinny jeans are one of the hottest fashion trends this season that you must try to get the most glamorous yet a little seductive look. A great pair of torn and distressed skinny jeans is sure to heat up the diva in you by making you look like a sizzling rock star. If coupled with right top and accessories it is sure to transform you from a lay chic to a sexy damsel. But if you are not comfortable with this style, you can always go for a different one.

Though you can buy it at clothing stores/online, you can design you own white ripped skinny jeans that can give you a unique heightened look with additional edge. First step; you would need to select a pair of white skinny jeans that you wish to be torn. It is advisable to prefer your old skinny jeans as it already has the natural faded and distressed look that you just need to intensify with some slashes, holes, and cuts. Once you select the jeans, mark the areas where you would rip it. It is wise to select areas where rips look natural, such as back of the knees and thighs etc. Select a ripping pattern. You can go for plain slashes, asymmetrical holes, or random cuts etc. You can go through fashion magazines to get more designs of rips that you can try. Now, take a pair of scissors and cut the jeans as per your design. You can use a sharp blade for slashed look. Then, sand the rips with harsh sandpaper that would give a well ripped finish to the jeans. For the maximum rough look you can wash the jeans again for couple of times or add some bleach to fade and distort the jeans even more. Awesome white ripped skinny jeans are ready to wear!

There’s not a sane woman on the planet who will deny that white ripped skinny jeans are one of the best things to have happened to fashion. They make you look slimmer, they give your body an added panache and confidence without taking away the femininity in your stride. And white ripped skinny jeans are funky, cool, and it’s the part of perfection of fashion.