Wedges Shoes for Women

Wedge shoes are a hot and trendy fashion choice for woman who want the height and style that stilettos offer but with a funky edge. Wedges, in comparison to stilettos, are much easier to walk in, as the heel of the shoe runs from the heel to the middle or front of the foot instead of being solely under your natural heel. Wedges shoes for women vary in style and come in a variety of heights, colors and materials. These heeled shoes are a comfortable alternative to a stiletto or traditional high heel.

Wedge shoes usually have a wooden or rubber heel. There are both close toed as well as peep toed varieties available. The sling wedges which come with a strap worn around the ankle or calf, mostly with peep toes, are an excellent choice for casual dressing. Women can wear these wedges shoes¬† for a day out shopping, happy-hour at a local pub after work or for patio dining on a warm summer’s evening. During the summer, pair wedges with jeans, a summer dress or flowing skirt. Avoid wearing wedges shoes for women with boot-cut or skinny jeans and opt for wide-legged jeans instead. Ideally, wear wedges with wide-legged flare jeans reminiscent of styles from the 1970s and early 2000s. Pairing wedges with a pair of khaki or above-the-knee shorts also helps accentuate your ankles and gives you taller, statuesque appearance.

Blue Sequins Spike Studded Detail Sexy Curved Wedges



ASOS TRESPASS Wedge Shoe Boots



Finsk 338-29 Wedges



Torri Red Floral Brocade Platform Wedges



Lace-Up Leopard Wedges



Audrey Spike Wedge



On the other hand, for elegant look; the patented leather wedges shoes for women would be great choice with formal business suits and pants. The close toed suede shoes which come in colors such as black, brown and brandy are another choice for formal, workplace dressing. Then there are the ones which come with a satin covering on top and make for excellent prom, Christmas party or wedding shoes. Speaking of parties, clear wedge shoes which have crystal, transparent heels with embellishments such as gems and stones on top look great with any formal party wear. Also,¬† a Bohemian or gypsy-style dress, which are typically long and crafted of flowing material, are contrasted nicely by the bulky and solid wedge shoes, which translates to an attractive and trendy outfit. Add accessories to your outfit while wearing wedges. Avoid piling on several necklaces, bracelets and scarfs, as this can overwhelm your look and be unnecessary. Rather, select a simple scarf to tie around your neck with a casual shirt and wide-legged jeans. These wedges shoes offer the same comfort as a flat sandal or a slipper would and at the same time, look elegant, classy and formal like silhouettes. In fact, they are one pair of women’s shoes, which everyone should own, sheer for their versatility!