Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding is a memorable thing in one’s life. People do many things to make it exciting. The ring is an important part of a each wedding ceremony. It represents eternal love. Egyptians and Romans are more particular about it. But the need of the time is different. Nowadays ring tattoos are in trend. Enthusiastic people go for it. This gesture is a powerful statement made to each other and the world because it is a permanent symbol of your love and dedication to your spouse. There are perks to getting wedding ring tattoos. You can never lose your wedding ring because it can’t come off and it may be a lot cheaper than a traditional gold or platinum wedding ring. Also, couples can select from a wide variety of wedding ring tattoo ideas.

Many couples choose to select a matching design to tattoo around the ring fingers. Popular ideas include tribal or Celtic designs, although the design should be appropriate for both bride and groom. Choose a relatively simple design, since the finger is such a small area. It is not absolutely necessary to select matching designs, however. Some couples choose their own designs based on personal styles and preferences. For example, some women might choose to have a series of small hearts around the finger, while a man might opt for a barbed-wire design. You might also tattoo your spouse’s name on your ring finger, showing a commitment directly to your spouse. Other couples might choose their pet names for each other as wedding ring tattoos. For long names, consider having your spouse’s initials incorporated into the tattoo design. You might also use a monogram that includes the initials of both partners. For example, a couple with the names “Anthony and Mary Black” would use the monogram “ABM.” Try a variety of lettering styles to design a personalized wedding ring tattoo. Also, consider having the wedding date permanently etched into your ring finger. The wedding ring tattoos with date design can be done in traditional numbers or Roman numerals and often includes the month, date and year of the couple’s wedding. If adequate space is unavailable, you might simply use the month and date. Common phrases used for a wedding ring tattoo include “I Do” or “Taken.” In some cases, the wife will use the “I Do” phrase, while her husband simply tattoos “Ditto” onto his finger.

Wedding ring tattoos are much more a serious commitment and the selection of tattoo is a careful process. The wedding ring tattoos should be selected with great care as once selected cannot be changed according to the change in taste often. They are symbol of permanence. Memories related will be with it for years. If the relationship doesn’t work then it will be problematic to you. Think twice before making it. Some people choose way of modifying it to get rid of the earlier tattoo. But, if you have decided to have a tattoo made, it is essential to keep in mind certain things before you go for it. Remember that tattoo removal is a painful process. Also, a tattoo should always be made by a certified professional tattoo artist. As tattoos are meant to last forever, having a wedding ring tattoo is a great symbol of permanent and long-lasting love.