Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

A bride’s options for customizing a wedding dress are plentiful. Wedding dresses with sleeves are a traditional gown style that brides have enjoyed for decades. While strapless and spaghetti strap dresses were two of the most popular wedding gown styles throughout the early and mid-2000s, many brides still preferred to wear dresses with sleeves. Some brides want sleeves on their wedding gown for religious reasons, while others want sleeves to flatter their arms. There is a variety ideas of wedding dresses with sleeves, let’s find it on the next paragraph.

Short Sleeves

  1. Summer brides who want upper bridal gown support may choose short sleeves in lieu of a strapless wedding gown. The extra fabric helps support the weight of layered gowns and heavy fabrics, while keeping the bodice in place during a full day of wedding festivities.
  2. Capped sleeves give brides more upper dress support. Capped sleeves, which cup the bride’s shoulder, are a warm weather favorite among brides with toned upper arms.
  3. Petal sleeves are longer than cap sleeves. This style is created with two pieces of overlapping fabric, which look like flower petals. Petal sleeves cover the shoulders and upper arms.

Medium Sleeves

Another wedding dresses with sleeves is the three-quarter style, it’s a medium sleeves. Ending just below the elbow, fall brides often select this chic style. Three-quarter length sleeves offer a classic look, and are available in fitted and flaring styles.

Long Sleeves

  1. Brides who marry during the winter or prefer modest attire may choose long sleeves. Long sleeves stretch from the shoulder to the wrist and come in such solid fabrics as silk or taffeta, as well as sheer fabrics that allow skin tones to peek through.
  2. Modern wedding dresses often feature illusion sleeves. Sheer net fabric is embroidered, beaded or encrusted with sequins. Whether tapered or loose and flowing, this sleeve style offers a stylish covering without added warmth. Brides usually choose this style to add elegance to a bodice with minimal decoration.
  3. Wedding dresses inspired by historical time periods often have long sleeves. Bishop sleeves are gathered at the wrist, with wide fabric along the forearm, exhibiting a pirate-style fullness. For a loose, cape-like arm covering, choose a dolman sleeve. This airy style features wide armholes and a fitted wrist. The ultimate period-style sleeve is the gigot, or the leg-of-mutton sleeve. Wide, puffy fabric stretches from the shoulder to the elbow. The fabric tapers to a snug-fitting sleeve from the forearm to the wrist, where the fabric may end in a point.

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves Pictures

The above are some ideas of wedding dresses with sleeves. Today, many dresses can have sleeves added or removed to create the perfect bridal gown for your style.  Wish all the best!