Ways to Wear Leg Warmers

Legwarmers emerged in the late 1970s, peaked in popularity in the early 1980s, and were out of fashion by the late 1980s. Though the trend was short-lived, legwarmers remain a famous pop culture symbol of the 1980s. They were featured in movies and made fashionable by celebrities. Leg warmers are similar to knee-high socks, only footless and mostly worn just below the knee. Other leg warmers cover the entire foot and other varieties are as long as the thigh’s lower part. With this unique structure, leg warmers are considered to be great addition to fashion. If you want to know how to wear leg warmers with more stylish then, below are some several ways for you to go. Take a look!

How to wear leg warmers

  1. Choose fashion-forward leg warmers. Just because leg warmers are now a fashion statement doesn’t mean you can run to the dance store, choose a pair and expect to look trendy. Leg warmers are now made in lightweight knits, often with texture and in savvy colors like mustard, burgundy and pale blue. They are available in crochet and cable knit, so choose leg warmers that coordinate with your outfit and also are in tune with the season.
  2. Allow the leg warmers to blend seamlessly with your look. While a fad trend was for leg warmers to be the focal point, the modern way to fashionably wear leg warmers allows them to become part of the outfit without overpowering it.
  3. To do this, try matching the leg warmers with another element of the outfit such as a cardigan or leggings. The pieces do not have to be an exact match in color or texture, but in the same color family helps the style appear fashion-forward. This could include a light gray cardigan and dark gray leg warmers or bold purple leggings and dark eggplant leg warmers.
  4. Wear leg warmers for casual occasions. Leg warmers are fashionable, but they are best for daily wear and should not be worn for evening. For warm weather, select lightweight cotton leg warmers that are breathable in a bright color such as marigold or Kelly green. Wear a tank dress with a denim vest and oxford-style shoes for a bohemian chic look.
  5. When transitioning to cool weather, implement waffle or cable knit leg warmers over tights. Try a colored long sleeved T-shirt tucked into a high waist skirt in a neutral shade. Match your tights to your leg warmers for a continuous line and sport ankle boots to finish the look.


These are just some ways about how to wear leg warmers. Legwarmers are one of the fabulous retro trends from the ’80s to make an appearance on today’s fashion scene. Leg warmers are the perfect clothing item that will not only protect you from the rigors of the climate but also allow you to be fashionable at the same time.