Waterproof Watches

A watch is an amazing accessory and it offers style and sophistication at the same time. Today, waterproof watches are getting increasingly popular due to their durability and toughness. Waterproof watches are manufactured with seals and other components that prevent the entrance of water under certain circumstances. Because the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines prohibiting the use of the term “waterproof” to describe watches, including deep-sea diving watches, the proper term is “water-resistant.”

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Waterproof watches may be digital or analog and offer special features in addition to water resistance. Many sports watches and diver watches feature digital chronographs, which allow the watch to be used as a stopwatch. Some operate on solar power. They are often equipped with a backlight on the face of the watch for easy reading in low light. They also have water-resistant straps made of stainless steel, nylon, rubber or plastic. More fashionable waterproof watches intended for every day use can feature gold plating and can be worn as jewelry. Some advanced deep-sea diving watches feature a helium release valve button located on the side of the watch face that is used for relieving pressure while the diver is in a helium environment. Some diver watches also have the capability to record and upload data retrieved during dives. Watches advertised as water-resistant are tested at various water depths and are categorized based on their maximum depth level. Waterproof watches intended for everyday use have a water-resistance level of under 50m. Sports watches intended for more rigorous use, such as for water sports, fishing and swimming, have water-resistance levels ranging from 50m to 200m. Diving watches have a water-resistance levels between 200m and 1,000m. Some watches designed for professional deep-sea diving have water-resistance levels of over 5,000m.

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Before purchasing a waterproof watch, then you must consider about the style. Do a little research and see what type of watch will suit you the best. One can have different watches for various occasions but if it is a common watch then consider your lifestyle, what type of work you do, how often you party or go outside, are some question that might help you in picking the right watch.  Another thing that you would like to take into consideration before buying a waterproof watch is the design and make of it. Notably, watches come in various designs and dial shapes and all these are not equally good underwater. Hence, it may be very difficult to decide which one is more durable so look for the lining around the dial for waterproofing. Moreover, the design should not be bulky and heavy and should compliment your wrist. And for the brand, opt for well known brands in the market. After all, waterproof watches are great and definitely can be your another options of accessories.