Vine Tattoos

Vines are a symbol of femininity, growth, and peace. They grow in a chain like structure with colorful and vibrant flowers that attract many birds and butterflies. It is spectacular to see fully bloomed vines cherishing its natural beauty with other wonders of nature. Vines are also used to draw the eye in a particular direction, or may connect pieces of body art. Vine tattoos are considered to be feminine tattoo designs since, they are made up of slim, and curvy vines carved in artistic patterns. So if you are looking for a new feminine tattoo design that is fresh, beautiful, and one that brings smile on everyone’s face then vine tattoos is something worth a try.

The best thing about vine tattoos is their versatile and flexible nature. Thus, there are no specific rules when you want to design a vine tattoo for you. All you need to do is decide the tattoo placement and the type of vine you want in your vine tattoo. The design of the vine tattoo can be decided according to the placement. Vine tattoos that are carved on legs and arms are usually designs that either extend through the complete arm or leg length or that which wrap around them. Ribs, legs, foot, back, shoulders, etc. are some of the popular places for getting a vine tattoo. These tattoos require very less ink but the tattoo design can cover large area of the body. Then for an example idea of vine tattoo; ivy vine tattoo. An ivy vine is a representation of protection and longevity in a tattoo. Ivy covering the chest area, over the heart, reminds a person to protect their heart in future relationships after a heartbreaking divorce or separation. A circle of ivy around a woman’s waist symbolizes protection of the womb for future children. The dark color and shape of ivy makes this tattoo design an option for covering up scars, birthmarks, or tattoos of past lover’s names, while at the same time serving as a symbol of protection to the person wanting to hide the painful memory of these marks on their bodies. Besides these,  there are other ideas that you can choose such as;names, leaves, heart, etc.

Men also can get vine tattoos, but for this, they thoroughly need to search for an appropriate design. Tattoos for men with vine need to be rustic, and have strong elements, like a combination of a vine and a barbed wire. If you have decided on vine tattoo designs, don’t forget that these are very versatile and your tattoo artist can play with a number of elements to create a tattoo design. Now go ahead and get the prettiest tattoo ever and flatter it around and it is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.