Upper Back Tattoos

Nothing could be more personal than body art permanently inked into your skin. There are so many designs of tattoos that you can choose. And also, its important to consider about the placement of your tat. And one of the most common location to get a tattoo is upper back. One of the advantage of having a tattoo on the upper back is that there is larger space available and hence, one can go for elaborate tattoo designs. Secondly, these tattoos can be camouflaged with clothes when one does not wish to flaunt. And what more?upper back tattoos are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose what size or style that the most you like.

If you want to get one, then some ideas are mentioned for you in here that might you can consider to choose. First ideas of upper back tattoos; wings. Wings make great upper back tattoos, especially for women. Angel wings can be large, traditional-looking white wings or small, colored wings, depending on the statement you want to make. Small wings might suggest that you’re an angel but not perfect or that you’re only part angel. Butterfly and fairy wings come in all kinds of colors and make beautiful tattoos. Men might get dragon wings or dark angel wings. Then, tribal tats. Tribal upper back tattoos can display your family history, interests or simply elegant designs. Tribal tattoos come in lots of shapes, sizes and colors and have been used in indigenous tribes and clans for centuries. A Celtic knot in the center of the back can be placed in the center of a cross or embellished with flames. Celtic knots have beautiful interwoven patterns that work well as half-dollar sized tattoos or sweeping across-the-back collages.

If you love animals, then definitely you can go for it. Animals in nature scenes work great as upper back tattoos because the space allows for large, intricately-designed tattoos and can hold scenes and landscapes. Whether alone or in a setting, dragons and lions can seem almost life-sized on the upper back. They can also be small and placed around the shoulder blade. After all, no matter what design you choose for your upper back tattoo, you will need to protect it. The upper back is an area that receives a lot of friction from clothing and hair. You will need to bandage it when you have to wear clothing. Your tattoo artist will give you detailed care instructions for aftercare. Good Luck!