Underarm Whitening

Underarm whitening is important to many people who want to feel comfortable displaying their bodies in public. When you age, your armpits could possibly get darker and if you tend to sunbath all the time, they will gradually become tanned. Once they are tanned, it is hard to get them back immediately to being white again. During winter time this can become a problem because as the rest of your skin loses its tan, your underarm will remain dark! While shaving, waxing, or plucking hair from under your armpits, you will leave shaving bumps that looks like chicken skin and scars from tiny cuts. These things are abrasive to your skin and can darken the skin meaning you would then consider underarm whitening. Underarm whitening is the process of lightening dark underarms so that the underarm skin appears lighter, and brighter.

There are several ways about underarm whitening; home remedies and cream/gel. Here are a few home remedies to naturally whiten your underarms without being using chemicals. Lemon is used for everything in your home. You use it for tea, cleaning, for fragrance, and much more. It is also rumored to be helpful for underarm whitening. It is a great source of Vitamin C which your skin and body needs. Your skin always absorbs what is placed on it. Firstly, fresh out of the shower, simply rub a lemon that has been cut cross wise and the seeds are removed, over the armpit. You need to rub in a circular motion. Another way you can use lemon to help with underarm whitening is to mix it with honey. Place on your armpits for around 25-30 minutes. Or you could use Alum and rub it over the armpits with or without the lemon. Another idea is to use turmeric paste with lemon, leave it on overnight, then shower in the morning. This must be done constantly to help with underarm whitening. Another home remedy by using a combination of olive oil and brown sugar. Before showering, measure 1/4 tsp. olive oil into the palm of your hand. Rub the oil into the skin beneath the arm. Then measure one tbsp. of brown sugar into a dish. Take a pinch of brown sugar and gently massage it into the affected area, moving your fingers in a small circular motion. Get into the shower or bath and rinse away with warm water. This will remove any debris that has accumulated on the surface of your skin. Exfoliation also helps to stimulate the growth and development of new skin cells, which can drastically improve the appearance of the area.

On the other hand underarm whitening creams are also can be effective and safest underarm whitening option. This is because while, natural ingredients including fruits like lemons and limes contain one helpful and effective ingredient, underarm whitening creams and gels contain a variety of safe, powerful, and proven ingredients which have been shown to lighten dark underarms without causing damage to the underarm skin. Before we get to the specific ingredients used in the best underarm whitening cream or gel, it is important to note what actually causes dark underarms in the first place so that you will know how to avoid certain actions. Some of the most common reasons for the development of dark underarms are using specific deodorants or antiperspirants as well as excessively shaving or waxing. This is because ingredients used in certain cosmetic items may have a negative reaction with the underarm skin and therefore lead to dark underarms. Similarly, excessive shaving or waxing can irritate the skin and lead to dark skin under the arms. If you feel that either of this two actions lead to your dark underarm skin, stop doing them. Instead, switch to a natural, fragrant-free deodorant/antiperspirant/shaving cream and wax less often. The most effective ingredient you need to look for in an underarm whitening treatment is Alpha Arbutin. This safe skin lightening ingredient has been proven, in a variety of studies, to safely and effectively lighten the skin. You should also look for Kojic Acid. While the name may scare you, Kojic Acid is a natural by-product produced after the fermentation of rice. It is primarily used in Japan and is safe enough to use on fruit to maintain color, yet is still powerful enough to lighten all areas of the skin including the underarms. Before you purchase an underarm whitening cream, it is important to know some of the reasons that generally lead to the development of this common issue in order to help you avoid making these same choices. One of the most common reasons for this specific type of discoloration is due to excessive shaving or waxing. While these two procedures are almost unavoidable, you may want to look into doing them less often and or have the underarm hair permanently removed via laser treatments. In conclusion, the benefits to underarm whitening home remedies or creams/gel would be to have your skin color match the rest of your skin, look radiant and healthy. Also many women you want to feel comfortable raising their arms up and be noticed, not feeling embarrassed by the little things.