Unconventional Wedding Dresses

Every woman, without exception, wants to look her prettiest on the day she gets married. Traditional wedding dresses are long and white, often with some beading or other embellishments. Some brides, however, might want to wear something a bit more unconventional. Unconventional wedding dress is difficult to find, but the search is definitely not impossible. As long as you know what you are looking for, finding that perfect wedding dress should be a breeze.

There are several styles of unconventional wedding dresses. Such as; vintage wedding dress, cultural, colored, etc. Wear a vintage dress rather than something that is trendy in today’s fashion. Wear your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress if it is a style you like. If you are having a wedding with a retro theme, such as the 1950s or 1940s, look for a vintage dress from that era. You can also likely have a dress made in a style from a past era if you can’t find a vintage dress that will work. Or you can go for cultural dress, in many cultures, the traditional wedding attire is not a long white dress. If your culture or your husband-to-be’s culture has another type of traditional wedding garb, consider wearing that. For example, Japanese brides wear kimonos while Hindu brides wear bright red saris that often expose the stomach. If you want to wear both a cultural dress and a traditional American dress, wear one for the ceremony and another for the reception. And also, rather than selecting a white or ivory wedding dress, go with a color. For example, choose a dress in a solid color that coordinates with your wedding colors. Another idea is to select a white dress that has a design embroidered onto it in another color. You can also tie a long colored sash around your waist. Like said before to find unconventional wedding dress might take a time, and it’s true. But if you really have no idea how to find it, then here’s some ways for you. First of all, find it by make it. Make your own either by adding material and jewels to a sleek dress or from scratch if you have a pattern. By making your own or getting a good seamstress to work with your ideas, you can create a very personal gown that no one has seen before or will see again. Or, go all out and opposite what is expected of you. Wear black for your wedding or mix it up with rainbow colors. Use the occasion to let your personality show through.

Shop consignment and thrift stores for that one-of-a-kind dress that you won’t find hanging in any conventional wedding gown store. It may take some looking or you might just land on it in short order. Look online for vintage clothiers or designers that cater to the unconventional crowd. Hope with these ways, you will find the best wedding dress. Finally, if you have decided to wear unconventional wedding dress, remember that you may be in for bit of reaction from the guests at the wedding. Most people are conditioned to think that brides are supposed to be dressed a certain way, and seeing brides in a unique, traditionally unseen wedding dresses may not necessarily go down well, especially with people from an older generation. But then remember, this is your day, and well, it is up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest, the way you want to. Cheers!