Types of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes help in giving the perfect finish to your makeup. They give your makeup a matte finish and blend the foundation to your skin tone in such a way that your makeup doesn’t look caked up. These days in the markets, you can find a range of brushes available belonging to different brands. The price of the brushes depends on the brand and quality of the brush.  Makeup brushes are also designed according to the facial area to which makeup is to be applied. For the lips, the face, and the eye,  you will find so many different types of makeup brushes that can be used as per the specific look that you want to achieve.

Powder Brush

Here’s the first types of makeup brushes; powder brush. Used to apply loose powder over foundation, powder brushes are typically medium to large in size and feature long bristles. Aside from applying loose powders, powder brushes can also be used to blend foundation, eliminate unwanted makeup lines, and cover blemishes. Powder brushes are used by dabbing the brush into loose powder and gently smoothing the powder over the face. Blending foundation and covering blemishes with powder brushes is as easy as stroking the brush is several directions over various areas of the face.

Mascara Brush

Present in most any woman’s arsenal of beauty products, the mascara brush features very short and course bristles. This style of bristle is necessary in applying mascara evenly and safely. Another types of makeup brushes; Mascara brushes are used by removing the brush from the mascara container and gently stroking the underside of the eye lashes. Mascara elongates eye lashes, allowing for a feminine and dramatic look.

Blending Brush

Used to blend eye shadow in order to promote a more natural and softer look, the blending brush is often misused or absent from most women’s collection of beauty products. The blending brush is used by gently brushing over any area(s) in which two shades of eye shadows meet. This practice creates a more natural and professional look while helping to remove excess eye shadow.

Blush Brush

Used to apply blush to the cheeks, the blush brush is round is shape and features long, soft bristles. The long bristles and shape of the brush allows for applying blush to large areas quickly and effortlessly. The blush brush is used by dabbing the brush into rouge and applying to the face. This brush is best used by applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and contouring the visible line of the cheekbones. Applying blush in this fashion adds an attractive rosy hue to the cheeks and a warm burst of healthy color to the face.

Angled Brush

At some point you’ve probably seen strange-looking makeup brushes and wondered what exactly they are used for. Small angled brushes are great for applying gel or cream eyeliner and blending pencil eyeliner after application. The true enigma of makeup brushes is the fan brush, which is thin, flat and — you guessed it — shaped like a fan. Few people besides professional makeup artists understand what this brush for, which is actually to swipe any excess eyeshadow that falls down from application.

Lipstick Brush

A complete mystery to many women, the lipstick brush is used to fill in the desired color of the lips after lip liner has been applied. This brush features short and soft bristles, allowing for easy application without unnecessary irritation. The lipstick brush is used by gently dabbing the brush into desired lip color and applying smoothly and evenly over the lips. Not only does the lipstick brush eliminate messes associated with traditional application of lipstick, but it also aides in creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Eyebrow Brush

A favorite among women in the know, the eyebrow brush is used to give the eyebrows a much fuller and more defined look. This brush features firm bristles that are medium to short in length. The eyebrow brush is used by dabbing the brush into the desired shade of loose eyebrow color and applying the shade gently and evenly to the eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow brushes are possibly the most common of makeup brushes, most often with a small, square and flat shape. Eyeshadow brushes come in a variety of sizes for different uses. For example, a small eyeshadow brush is practical for applying eyeshadow to the base of your lashes while a large eyeshadow brush is good for blending across your entire eyelid. Eyeshadow brushes are also available in unique shapes, such as long and pointed for smudging the crease of your eyelid.

Now, you can apply your makeup without any difficulty after knowing which is the right makeup brushes for your makeup. Also, remember after makeup, you must take care your brushes with proper care. To prevent skin irritation caused by dirty brushes.