Two Piece Bathing Suits

The 1940s saw the emergence of two piece bathing suits featuring structured halter-tops and modest bottoms that covered from above the naval to the tops of the thighs. Due to wartime cutbacks, colors were limited. Finally, thinner fabrics such as linen, cotton, sharkskin, and rayon replaced wool and silk. In the mid-1940s, synthetic fibers became staples in swimwear design. In 1947, more form-fitting, curvaceous designs became popular with matching looks for swimming and onshore activities in colorful printed fabrics. Today, two piece bathing suits are popular all over the world, and they became one of the most favored type of bathing suits by all women.

Most women dread picking out a new bathing suit, much less a two piece suit. However, manufacturers offer much more versatility in two piece bathing suits than in one piece suits. Buy a two piece suit that highlights your assets and conceals your flaws, and stop hiding under that tunic. They also have a few benefits which one piece bathing suits don’t offer, so it’s no surprise that many women are turning to two piece suits. A one piece bathing suit comes in one size only, which can be tough on the woman whose top and bottom are decidedly different sizes. Two piece suits are often sold as separates, allowing women the option to purchase just the size they need for both pieces. You can easily buy a large top and medium bottom, ensuring you get a perfect fit. Two pieceĀ  bathing suit sets encompass much more than skimpy bikinis. Today’s two piece skirted suits are more likely to feature a streamlined skirt in a more flattering drape. Bikini: If you can’t get enough of the traditional bikini, you’ll find plenty of styles from which to choose, whether it’s a very revealing design or one that’s more retro in tone.

With so many two piece bathing suits variation available in the stores/online retailers, women can enjoy the summer style in a cut and design that really perfect for them.