Twill Pants

Twill is any type of fabric that is woven in a diagonal pattern. This weave may be evident in tweed variants of twill, where several colors are used. It is less evident when used with a single colored thread like cotton, for use in cotton twill, sometimes also called chino. And sometimes twills are also notorious for being stiff and uncomfortable at times. Properly washing, drying and handling twill pants will soften them up. The main characteristic of twill is the diagonal weave. The weave creates a diagonal pattern of ribs that is formed when threads are woven under and over two or multiple threads.

And here are some example of twill pants :

For Men

For Women

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Twill is more resistant to wrinkling because it is more pliable. The design of the weave also makes it more wrinkle resistant. And The fabric of twill is more durable and will last longer than lightweight fabric. Twill pants are fashionable and has so many gorgeous color for you! These pants are absolutely comfy and versatile for any occasions. For both men and women, this twill pant can be alternative option for daily activities.