Tween Party Dresses

The tween years are a transition time between age nine through age 14. And when speaking about party dresses for tweens, all of those party dresses styles are about fun and peppiness! These tween party dresses styles should focus more on being fresh and trendy.

Wearing a party dress to a party, can be a great experience. There are a ton of amazing tween party dresses out there, for tweens possibilities are literally endless. As a parent, you can choose from different neck lines, skirt lengths, colors, straps, and more for your tween girls. Almost all major department stores carry a strong tween line and countless websites are also devoted to this group of shoppers. Special boutiques are designed specifically with the tween in mind.

Sequin Color Block Dress

V-neck Sequin Party Dress

Lace Party Dress

2-Tone Glitter Tull Party Dress 

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For parents, finding the best tween party dresses can be a dauting task. However, with a little education, a little bit of compromise and a lot of patience, you and your tween daughter will be able to find a balance and a cute party dress that will make the both of you happy.