Tweed Jackets for Women

Tweed is a woolen fabric that originated in Scotland and was colloquially known as “the big cloth.” The original and most valued tweed is known as Harris Tweed, which is still produced in Scotland. The tweed jacket was created to protect the wearer from the cold climate of Scotland. In 1830, the jacket’s pattern was referred to as “tweel” in a letter to a London merchant, who read the word “tweel” as “tweed” which he thought was a reference to winding Tweed river that runs through the border towns of Scotland. And tweed jackets was popular among women in the workforce in the early part of the 20th century. Tweed jackets for women are a classic garment, functional and warm, if worn well, they can make a stylish fashion statement.

For women, you can wear a stylish tweed jacket with a black pencil skirt and some knee high black boots. If you have a tweed jacket and skirt that match you could wear the tweed skirt here instead. Corduroy pants are also a good option with tweed since the fabrics will complement each other. The key is to modernize an outfit that is often quite old-fashioned. Jazz up your tweed jacket by adding a handkerchief that picks out the color of your accessories; fold the handkerchief into a triangle and put it in the pocket. For fall, you can also accessorizing your tweed jackets with deep purple accents. Make tweed your “go-to” choice for seasonal changes, like fall and spring. Use tweed jackets to keep you warm, but breathable, while still looking stylish and modern.

Tweed jackets are great and very versatile and can be worn in almost any situation from work to play.  A tweed jacket is a classic piece that can be easily updated by adding trendy accessories. In a business casual environment, pair it with a satin blouse and pair of dress pants. To give it a modern flare, wear a tweed jacket with a fitted t-shirt or a silk camisole and fun jewelry for a night out with friends. Some tweed jackets have embellishments such as fringe, beading or even fur trim. Some have funky buttons while others stick to a more classic look. Whatever you decide, be sure your jacket matches your own personal style.