Tuxedo Vests

Vests are the most important attire in your whole formal outfit.  And tuxedo vest is the best and the most charming vests known. Weddings, school proms, and formal evening parties and social gatherings are filled with gentlemen wearing these formal must have. Tuxedo vests are generally sleeveless and are worn over your shirt or whatever cloth you are wearing. Most men prefer vest over cummerbunds in wearing tuxedos. The reason is because vests still look good even when the jacket is off and it works pretty well in whether single or double breasted suits.

Tuxedo vests are available in all sizes and in all colors but most selling color is black because in a formal function people look out to wear a black color vest. Tuxedo vests are also available in two cuts: backless or full-back. The full-back option is more standard, featuring multiple buttons on the front and material that covers from the shoulders down to the waist. In comparison, a backless vest is often a more sharp “V” shape in the front, with two to three buttons most often enclosing the front. The neck comes up and around the back¬† to a halter style and is often adjustable. The back of the tuxedo vest, from the neck to the lower back, is completely out, with only a narrow band of fabric around the back.


Whenever you buy a tuxedo vest, first always look for good texture and make sure that your choice matched perfectly with your other clothing like shirt. Also, buy a tuxedo vest with a pique collar for formal evening events. Usually this style of tuxedo vest should only be worn in white or black. You can also buy a brocade or colored version for less-formal events. Avoid bright colors or patterns for formal events. If the event is more lighthearted, you can find tuxedo vests with patterns and images. This general rule applies to cummerbunds and ties as well. Also, you need to keep more than one tuxedo vest in your closet to change up your tuxedo for different events. This lets you look and feel fresh, even if you only own one tux. Purchasing a tuxedo vest online can be options for you. Anyway when you purchase online, sometimes you will get discounts and moreover, the styles of tuxedo vest is vary.