Tunic Shirts

Some people claim that nothing in fashion is ever new, but rather, that fashions merely continue to be recycled and reinvented. This statement is certainly true of the long, loose-fitting tops referred to as tunics. The tunic. This hip-length garment, when teamed with an item befitting its simple grace, can make a woman look so beautiful! A tunic creates a long and lean look that is appropriate for any season.  These tunic shirts are comfortable, versatile and elegant solution for either everyday or more formal occasions.

Tunic shirt from Toast

You can wear tunic shirts  with jean, shorts, skirt, or with legging. When pairing jeans and a tunic, the fit is of utmost importance. The jeans must be well-fitted if the fabric of the tunic is billowy and thin. This is generally the case and main purpose of a tunic. However, if you have the body, you just might be able to carry off a pair of flared jeans with a fitting tunic as well.  If your tunic is printed and of a flowy fabric which means you’re wearing slim jeans, limit the accessories to a pair of hoops dangling from your ears and a charm bracelet. If your tunic is in a single pastel shade, you can up its style quotient a bit, by tying a colorful scarf like a high belt. Don’t fold it, simply place it around your waist and tie a perfect side knot. High-heeled peep-toes! How gorgeous they’ll look with your slim jeans and a flowing tunic. For that matter, even a pair of classic black, pointed stilettos will do the trick, so your call.

With skirt, you can even wear a tunic with a skirt if you can manage it. All you have to do is, pick a short, form-fitting skirt, tuck in your tunic and bunch it up at the waist. Team this with a smart jacket, knee-length socks and flat shoes, and your back-to-school look is complete. If you’re not sure about the high socks, you can always put on a pair of sheer or fishnet stockings, or even a pair of colored leggings underneath the skirt. On the other hand, combining a tunic with a pair of shorts is a good idea too. Simply don a pair of shorts in a neutral shade like black, white, brown, khaki or beige, and team it with a pastel colored tunic shirt that brushes your thighs. You can even team a pair of denim shorts with a gray-white or off-white, off-shoulder tunic, bunched at the side or at the waist. You can find some stunning tunic shirts at Forever21, Nordstrom, Asos, Gap, Toast UK, Burberry, Target, Shopbop, Macys, Dillards, etc.