Tungsten Rings

When you are looking for different fashion items to wear, then you should not avoid the presence of Tungsten rings as one of your choice.  These rings are generally worn as the wedding bands, promise rings, couple rings or fashion bands.  Tungsten rings are a very durable alternative to the traditonal gold or silver rings. These jewelry pieces can more accurately be called tungsten carbide rings, however. This compound is created by mixing powered tungsten and powdered black carbon and heating them to a very high temperature in the presence of hydrogen. Originally developed by Osram, a German electric bulb company in the early 1920s, this process to make tungsten carbide has generally been used to create industrial products. The strength of tungsten carbide materials lends itself well to long-wear jewelry, such as rings.

jewelrybyjohan – Tungsten Ring with Fascinating Black and White Ebony


8mm Tungsten Ring with Pretty Shell Inlaid


The tungsten rings are available in myriad styles, widths and designs. Usually, these rings come in a width of 4 mm to 6 mm. However, some companies may offer thin, feminine tungsten rings of width as small as 2mm. These rings can be crafted with other metals such as gold or platinum, so that the color difference is not noticeable. Fashion rings are a bit wider and are designed on the lines of men’s rings. Tungsten wedding rings are highly polished and are often smaller versions of men’s weddings bands. This allows women to match their wedding bands with those of their husbands. Beveled edged tungsten rings are particularly popular among women who buy them for their style quotient. Although, it is difficult to make tungsten carbide rings on the setting of diamond solitaire rings, diamond rings can be created by burnishing diamond into tungsten metal. For the colors, tungsten rings are mostly available in their trademark shiny gray color. However, it is not unusual to find them in gold or black color. Gold or black tungsten rings are treated with a layer of zirconium which renders them their unique color. These rings are worn only as a fashion statement and rarely used for wedding bands. The color eventually fades with the usage. However, you might get manufacturer’s warranty which may cover fading. At times, the zirconium coating may crack or chip, revealing the tungsten metal underneath. Attractive gemstones in bright colors can also be ordained in these rings to make them vibrant and fashionable. If you are buying your tungsten rings online, go for reputable companies offering a lifetime warranty on products. That way you can get good service in case your rings do break by some unfortunate accident.

The Latest Fassion Tungsten Shell Inlaid Ring

Faceted Shell Inlaid Tungsten Jewellery Ring With Bevel Edge


When purchasing tungsten rings, make sure you have the right measurement or refer to a ring size chart because such rings cannot be resized. Nonetheless, tungsten wedding rings are durable and visually stunning. Some styles of tungsten rings have bezels set in genuine gleaming diamonds. There are also tungsten rings with stones like cubic zirconia. After all, tungsten rings are proven to be very durable and will not lose their lustre even after much time has passed. They are also virtually scratch-proof which makes it even more appealing to buy rings made out of this material. A combination like this is rarely seen and must be treasured until the end of time.