Tree Tattoos

While tree tattoo designs aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when getting a new tattoo, they are perhaps one of the most striking, interesting, and meaningful tattoos you can get. Tree tattoo design is also one of the most unique tattoos that anyone can put on their body. It symbolizes life, intensity, courage, and productivity. It represents changes and the cycle of human life, beauty, and the vitality of human existence.

There are several kinds of tree tattoo designs that you can choose from. Some choose to have a palm tree design, which is known for its height; it speaks about surf, sun, and fun. The olive tree is quite popular too;It symbolizes endurance, strength, and hope. Many tattoo artists recommend the oak tree tattoo, as it is very popular nowadays. It has a very dramatic effect when contrasted with the skin making use of its innate color which is dark brown and vivid green. Another tree tattoo designs;A distorted tree. A distorted tree still resembles a tree, but in its distorted form. Over-extended branches, over-size leaves or a lengthened and wavy trunk would be characteristics of a distorted tree. For a tattoo, it would be best to use a good amount of room and make it as large as possible so that it remains distinct. In a smaller size, the tattoo may not look like a tree at all. Or you can go for an abstract tree. An abstract tree is similar to tribal art. The tree, although visually similar in shape to any tree, would be created in parts or blocks. This tree can stand alone in a tattoo, but should be at least medium-size for detail. An abstract tree can be completely unique. However, if you are looking for a tree which signifies empowerment, womanhood, as well as the evanescence of the natural world then you can choose to go for a cherry blossom design.

These were some information about tree tattoo designs for you. If you wish to get any of these or some other tree tattoo, make sure you know what they mean and how they can be incorporated in your life. Visit an experienced tattoo artist and talk about why you want this tattoo and what you want it to represent. Also, with tattoos becoming a hugely popular and appreciated form of body art these days, you’d be surprised to know the different styles, colors, images, and sizes these tattoos can come in.