Trapper Hats for Men

Ten percent of body heat is lost through your head in the winter, which can make a big difference on a cold day. If you want to beat the winter chill in style, a trapper hat is the way to go. Trapper hats are distinguished by the two large flaps that hang down over the ears and occasionally tie under the chin. They are usually made of fur or sheepskin with the leather side facing out, except for an exposed patch of fur above the forehead. Fur is an excellent insulator, but flannel or wool is a suitable vegetarian alternative. Trapper hats not only worn by kids and women, but also great for men. Trapper hats for men are so warm and cozy making them a perfect choice of men hats in winter season.

Bailey Of Hollywood Vega Trapper Hat

River Island Trapper Hat

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Trapper hats for men are casual and functional winter hats that will keep you warm during the cold days of winter. These trapper hats come in a variety of materials, patterns and colors so that any one can find a trapper hat right for them. Men can wear thetrapper hats when you go open cockpit flying, snowboarding, or skiing. Trapper hats are also seen being worn by famous people on the runways and in many other places.  These unique and fashionable fashion accessories have been around for years and are increasing in popularity these days. This trapper hat is something great to own during the cold weather.  It will give you comfort as well as style, and will enable you to achieve the look you want.  These hats also look great with lots of other winter apparel.

Penfield Providence Black Trapper Hat

Penfield Providence Green Tweed Trapper Hat

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Barts Fur Bomber Trapper Hat – Black

Urban Excess Pick Fair Isle Knitted Trapper Hat – Black

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Trapper hats were traditionally used by hunters and soldiers in cold weather areas to stay warm during winter. It didn’t take long for designers to realize that with all of the patterns and materials available, these trapper hats could become a fashionable style that could be sold at an affordable price. Men can all get these great trapper hats at a reasonable price. These hats are a fun, playful way to keep warm on those frigid nights. A wide selection of trapper hats for men can be found on online stores or retailers.